Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tour of Homes

Before I even tell you about the Tour of Homes last Sunday, I have to admit that I did not take any pictures of the six great homes that were on the tour. I wasn't sure if pictures were allowed and I didn't feel right snapping pictures when these six families graciously opened up their homes for us.

Every year the parent association at the girls' school hosts a Tour of Homes. Usually there are 5 or 6 homes on the tour and it is held the first Sunday in December. This year the committee got six families to agree to open up their homes. Every year I am a hostess at one of the homes, but this year I was just a visitor.

The first home we toured was a Tuscan Villa styled home by Skyview Lake. The home is actually for sale because the couple's children are all grown and they want to move closer to them in Omaha. This home was beautiful with arched doorways, a new kitchen, and a huge open basement.

The next home had the best feature of all - a front porch that ran the length of the home. Keith and I used to live in a house with a front porch and if we ever move again we both want a front porch. Front porches are a way to enjoy the outdoors, sit outside and read, and a way to talk to the neighbors.

After touring a few more homes one element became quite clear. Four out of the six homes did not have children in residence. Another mother and I both commented that our homes would never be on the tour because how would we ever keep the house clean with children in residence.

People attend the tour of homes for a variety of reasons: to be nosey, to fantasize about living in a home so grand, to get remodeling/building ideas, or to just enjoy an afternoon with friends. I really enjoyed the tour of these homes. I usually find one feature in each home that I would love to have in my home such as: a beautiful wet bar in the basement, a partially covered deck to help with the sun setting in the evening, big bathrooms, the largest walk-in closet I have other seen, and huge open kitchens.

Sorry about no pictures,


  1. I love to tour homes! They are a fun way to get ideas!

    PS- When my husbad write down the directions on how to start the snow blower I will pass them along!

  2. I LOVE home tours. LOVE them! I get so many great ideas and enjoy the time with just girls. I'm sure yours were fabulous!

  3. I also love to tour homes and especially at Christmas time! I am coming with next year!

    I just got Kamree's hair sponge rollered for the weekend festivities. We can't wait!