Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Day

So the big snowstorm that was predicted really did hit the other day. When we woke up Tuesday morning it was already snowing and continued to snow throughout the day. The girls' school called off school at 1:00 and Keith picked them up because I was a chicken to go out in the weather with the van. Then Wednesday school was cancelled so everyone got to sleep in. Erica and Ashlin wore their pajamas all day. We all were lazy all day long.

Playing outside while Keith snowblowed the driveway.

Justin eating his lunch.

Ashlin in her favorite spot. She played games on the computer in her pjs.

You would have thought it was heat wave outside since Cara had on shorts and a tank top, but then she confirmed that it was cold outside by making hot chocolate.

Erica watching a movie in her pajamas.

By the end of the day, I was ready for our snow day to be over and for everyone to go back to school on Thursday. Snow days are okay every once in a while because sometimes you just need a day to veg out and relax. But, no mom needs the fighting, whining and bickering that comes and goes as the snow day progresses.
Take care,


  1. That snow looks like so much fun! We had a storm like that living in Colorado.....have video of it waist deep.

    Glad you survived your snow day!

  2. Glad you survived the snow day. As a teacher with not kids at home, I love snow days!

  3. It looks like you had a fun snow day! Snow days are soooo overrated when you are the mom!

  4. Great snow day pictures. My son hung out in his undies all day, just hilarious. I am glad to see that other children don't dress for the weather inside in the winter either.

    Hope you had fun shopping last night!