Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Soccer Evaluations

It is time for Spring soccer to start at the YMCA.  Last Saturday afternoon the YCMA held soccer evaluations for students 5 years old through 8th grade.  Erica and Ashlin were all ready to go and play some soccer.
 The kids were divided by grade level and then put through a series of drills.  One drill was a passing drill with another person.
 Another drill was dribbling the ball through a series of cones.  The drill was timed.
 There was a running drill to test how fast you run.
 Another drill was running and then kicking the ball through a goal.
Lastly, they held a 3-on-3 scrimmage with the players.  Each drill was timed and graded by a group of soccer coaches.  The results will be used to divide up the teams fairly so that the season may begin in another week.  This Saturday, Justin gets to go for his Itty Bitty soccer evaluation.  He is as excited to start the season as his sisters.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4-H Bake & Take Month

Cara and Erica had a 4-H meeting last Saturday morning.  March is Bake & Take Month in 4-H so they had to bring along a dozen cookies, brownies, bars, muffins, etc. to the meeting.
After the business meeting was conducted, the 4-H members filled plates with goodies to be distributed to various businesses around town that do good things for our community, especially the businesses that support the 4-H program.
The members filled 21 plates with goodies to be distributed.
We dropped off a plate filled with goodies at the local Art Center.

Take care,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Junie B" Play

 Last Friday night the girls and I went to see the play "Junie B".  The play was sponsored by our local Arts Center and some very generous businesses.  All three of the girls love to read Junie B books.
The play was tidbits of scenes from more than one of the Junie B books.  The play involved singing, dancing and acting.  It left a smile on your face as you watched the production.  The play was viewed by numerous school students during two performances during the day and one performance in the evening.  The girls and I loved the play and we also loved trying to figure out what book scenes were from.

Take care,

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Break from Basketball

In between Cara's 2nd and 3rd game last Sunday, Justin, Ashlin and I headed to the park.  They can only take so much time sitting in a gym, plus the weather was 84 degrees outside.  It was sunny and very windy.  The Pierce park has some great newer playground equipment and they were content to play for a little bit.
Ashlin loves to play on the monkey bars.  She always plays on the monkey bars at recess time at school also.

Justin refused to use the steps to climb to the top of the slide.  He insisted on climbing up this way until Mom made him do it the right way so another child could go down.

After playing for about 20-30 minutes it was time to get to the next game.  No one complained that we had to go because they had fun letting off a little steam playing in the park.

Take care,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Basketball Tournament

The 5th Grade Lady Knights basketball season came to a close last weekend when they played in the Pierce Tournament on Sunday.  This was the 4th tournament for the girls.
Warming up for the first game against Columbus Lakeview.
Playing defense and Emma getting a rebound. 
Lined up and waiting for free throws.
Getting ready for tip-off of the 2nd game against Pierce.

Ready for the rebound.
It was a tough season for these 9 girls.  Half of them (including Cara) had never played basketball before.  They worked so hard and they improved so much over the course of the season, but losing was still tough to experience.
Hopefully they will all keep practicing over the off season and attend a camp or two.  Cara was ready for the season to be over.  She learned a lot about basketball, but losing was hard to take every game.  She has this week off and then next week she starts spring volleyball at school with Coach Borgmann, the varsity volleyball coach.

Take care,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Four Schools One Book

 Last year our school started the reading program One School One Book.  Each family in the school was given a copy of a book and a reading schedule.  Each night each family would read together 1-2 chapters of the book.  The idea was to promote reading, but also quality family time.  The first book we read was "The Swan".  Heading up the start of this program was Lisa Guenther, the
Title I reading instructor at our school.  Lisa is an excellent promoter of reading to all children. 

Last fall the program expanded and it was called Three Schools One Book.  Two other schools in Norfolk thought that the program was excellent and decided to join the cause.  Last fall we read the book "Because of Winn-Dixie".

On March 13th, we kicked off Four Schools One Book.  The program for the spring was kicked off by Nebraska First Lady Sally Ganem.  On this day she visited each school involved in the program and read the students the first chapter of the new book, "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe".  She spoke to the students about the importance of reading, events at the governor's mansion, and visiting the White House the previous week.  But she stressed to the students that they could be and do anything in life.  The state's First Lady also said that her and the governor would also be reading the book nightly.  She is hoping that the program will expand to the whole state.  Nebraska's First Lady Sally Ganem is a former teacher and principal and she loves to promote reading in the state of Nebraska.

Take care,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Art Show

Our local Art Center is having a Parochial School Art Show currently and it runs through April 9th.  Ashlin has one art piece on display in the art show.  Yesterday Ashlin and I went to the Art Center to view her piece and check out the other artwork on display.  Ashlin didn't know what piece of art had been chosen for the show, so it was a surprise for her to find it.  After viewing the display, I can say that there are some very talented artists at these schools.

While at the Art Center we also purchased some tickets for a play, "Junie B", for next Friday night.  All three of our girls love to read these books, so I think the play should be a hit with them.  Plus we scored seats in the 2nd row.

Take care,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Blanket

Ashlin has had this Care Bear blanket since she was a baby.  My Aunt Sherrie made it for her as a baby gift.  Ashlin has loved this blanket for the last 7 years.  I have to sneak it from her to be washed.  It always looks dirty and it has lost it's softness because it has been washed so many times.
Last weekend Grandpa and Grandma Leader stopped by and Grandma had made Ashlin a new fleece blanket for her birthday.  The new blanket is covered in flowers and matches Ashlin's room.
Grandma also made Ashlin a rice krispy cake and topped it with 7 candles.

Although Ashlin loves her new blanket, she is not quite ready to get rid of "bears".  She will cover up with her new blanket while watching TV, but when bedtime rolls around she wants "bears" to go to sleep with.  In time we will move to the new blanket, but I will keep "bears" for her in the cedar chest forever.

Take care,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ashlin's 7th Birthday

Ashlin's 7th birthday was on Tuesday!  She had been counting the days since Erica's birthday 3 weeks ago and she started stalking the mailbox about a week before.  At our house on your birthday we go out to eat as a family for supper and the birthday person gets to pick the restaurant.  Ashlin picked to eat at Culver's (it had to be a restaurant that had ice cream) for the night.
She also got to pick out her birthday cake.  Ashlin chose a Blizzard Chocolate Extreme ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  It was very delicious.
Of course, they all wanted a chance to blow out the candles.  No big birthday party this year, just low key with the family. 

It is hard to believe that Ashlin is 7 years old already.  It seems just like yesterday that we were rushing to the hospital on that early morning Sunday hour.  My water broke and an hour later Ashlin made her appearance weighing in at 9 pounds.  She won't let us call her "Bubba" anymore, but she will let Justin (sometimes) call her "Ash".  Ashlin was an easy baby to take care of and she still has an easy going personality.  She can occupy herself and always finds something to do on her own.  She loves to read, to color, to play games, etc.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Basketball Update/300th Post

After spending three weekends in a row at club basketball tournaments, we had last weekend off.  I love watching the girls improve with each game.  But after 3 tournaments, their record is 0-9.  They have come so close to winning, but have not succeeded yet.  They have one tournament left and we are all hoping for a win.  They keep practicing two to three times per week and they continue to improve.  Other teams have even commented on how much they have improved.  It seems that they play the same teams in almost every tournament.  Losing can be very tough, but the girls have shown good sportsmanship and never played unfair or given up.  They just have to keep trying their best.

On a side note, this is my 300th post!  I cannot believe that I have made it to 300 posts.  I don't post every day and sometimes I go stretches without posting for days or weeks, but I always come back.  I don't scrapbook so this is my scrapbook.  I like that I can post photos and comments.

Take care,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter Swimming Lessons

Winter seems to go by a little faster if you do an activity, so, for the last 8 weeks all four of the kids have been taking swimming lessons at the YMCA.  The swimming program was recently changed, therefore, before the kids could start they all had to go for placement tests to determine what level they were at currently.
Justin was in Beginner I and although he didn't pass his level he had a great time.  He was so proud that he could jump off the diving board with a float belt on and swim to the side all by himself.  Now he needs to learn to swim without a float belt to pass this level.
I almost missed Ashlin jumping off the diving board in this photo.  Ashlin needs to get stronger in the water.  She didn't pass her level of Beginner III for this reason.  She can do the strokes, but she needs to become stronger.
Cara is our strong swimmer.  She only has one level left to complete.  She passed Advanced I this time.  Her instructor commented that Cara is a strong swimmer and there is a place for her on swim team if she would like to join.  Cara is hoping that her swimming will lead to a future summer job as a lifeguard.  But, you must be 15 years old before you can take the life guarding test.
Ashlin treading water.
Erica swimming laps.  Erica needs to get a little better on technique to pass her Intermediate III level.  The instructor did comment how much stronger and improved Erica did get over the course of 8 weeks.  She is becoming more comfortable in the water.
Justin hanging on to the side after doggy paddling the length of the pool.
Cara practicing a kick on the side of the pool.
I think Justin had a smile on his face the whole time.  He had so much fun.
Cara swimming more laps.

In a few weeks we will move on to spring sports.  Cara and Erica both are going to take a spring volleyball training from the head coach at school.  Also, Justin, Ashlin and Erica are going to play spring soccer at the YMCA.  There is no end to the running to activities at this house.

Take care,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monster Trucks

Last Friday night, Keith and Justin went to see the Monster Trucks with Scott and Tyler at the county fairgrounds.  Justin was so excited to go.  It was a guys night out.

Since I didn't attend the event, there are no photos only the commentary of a 4 year-old to go by on how exciting the evening was.  Justin informed me when he got home that the monster trucks were really loud.  The big trucks crushed and drove over cars.  There were also motorcycles and 4-wheelers jumping.

This event was held at our county fairgrounds indoor arena which is not that large.  I was surprised to hear that they could hold an event like this.  Keith said that at times the fumes from the trucks was very bad and that the area was not large enough.  But the main thing was that our 4 year old had a blast even if he was mad that Dad wouldn't buy him a $15 monster truck to bring home.

Take care,