Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Little Helper

I have the best little helper when it comes to picking up and vacuuming. Simply put, Justin LOVES to vacuum! He gets all excited when I tell him to help pick up so that we can vacuum. He heads straight for the hall closet to get out my vacuum and then he goes in search of his vacuum. He pushes his vacuum right beside me as I push mine. He is so cute and helpful. If only this helpfulness and love of cleaning would rub off on his sisters.

Take care,


  1. That is so great! Good thing he has his own vacuum because I don't know if I could share... I love to vacuum. Maybe he will rub off on his sisters, even if he doesn't at least when he's a teenager he might keep his room clean. =)

  2. Cute picture! I bought Kamree a vacuum from Neat Repeatz and I just gave it to her last weekend. She, too, loves to vacuum!

    Enjoy your snow day! I am still pulling my hair out here! Calgon, take me away!

  3. So cute -- love it when the kids want to help with household chores! He'll be ready for the real vacuum before you know it!


  4. I love it when they pitch in and help out with the cleaning. Unfortunately, they grow out of it as they get older......


  5. Isn't it funny when boys do things we might expect girls to do?!

  6. So cute, in a few years you can hand down your real vacuum and he can get to work!