Friday, February 12, 2016

Youth Bronco Wrestling Tournament

Sunday morning we were up before the sun to make weigh-in at the Youth Bronco Wrestling Tournament in Stanton.  Justin had to be weighed in by 8:30 and start wrestling at 9:30.
 Justin weighed in light again at 52.1 lbs.  First up, was a wrestler from Bloomfield.  Justin handled him in a 6-0 decision. 
 Next up was a wrestler from Elkhorn Valley.  At the start of the match, they hit heads during a takedown which resulted in tears and made Justin mad.  Then he really went after this wrestler, but Justin lost in a 6-8 decision.

 Last up was a wrestler from Pender.  This was another close and hard fought match with Justin winning 7-4.  Justin didn't realize until the ref raised his arm that he had won the match.
 Justin's bracket ended with a three-way tie for 1st because Justin had beat the kid from Pender, the kid from Pender beat the wrestler from Elkhorn Valley and the kid from Elkhorn Valley beat Justin and all three had defeated the wrestler from Bloomfield.  Therefore, they had to look at pins - and no one had a pin.  Then they moved on to number of takedowns - Pender wrestler-7, Justin-6 and Elkhorn Valley wrestler-4.  Therefore 1st went to Pender, 2nd to Justin and 3rd to Elkhorn Valley.
Justin had a very emotional day on the mat.  He had tears when he won and when he lost.  He didn't sleep well the night before because of nightmares, his stomach was upset, he gets himself worked up when he watches the other kids in his bracket wrestle, etc.  Justin and Dad had to take a walk outside before his last match to calm him down and to re-focus.  Justin's coaches do a great job with directions during the match, learning after a match, pep talks before a match, etc.  Justin looks up to Coach Classen, Coach Daniel, Coach Fisher and Coach Konicek.  They do a great job with these young wrestlers!

Take care,

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Grandparent's Day

Last week was Catholic Schools Week at school.  Many of the planned activities had to be cancelled or postponed due to the "Kayla Blizzard" that hit the Midwest.  Grandparents Day was supposed to be held on Tuesday, but it got moved to Friday.  I helped in the kitchen at school for a day and a half making sack lunches to feed everyone.  We made a total of 832 sack lunches and had only 40 sandwiches left.  The grandparents ate lunch with their grandchildren, joined in a sing-a-long and then went to an all school Mass to end the day.  Somewhere in that crowd of people are Justin and Ashlin with Grandpa and Grandma Leader and Grandpa and Grandma Korth!!!  It was a GREAT turnout! 

Take care,
Michelle Leader

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fat Tuesday

The Jr/Sr High Students were all called into the gym today at 3:00 thinking they were "in trouble" only to receive a "Fat Tuesday" surprise of candy and root beer floats!
Cara and Erica both thought that the students were in trouble for something today when all the students got called to they gym. 

What a great surprise for the students!!!

Take care,

Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Bake Sales

Justin decided to join K-Kids this year at school.  K-Kids is the grade school level of Kiwanis on the adult level.  It is a service organization.
Justin's poster for the bake sale on the front door at school.
Every Friday during the month of January, K-Kids has a bake sale to raise money.  The money raised helps pay for the schooling for a little girl in Africa.  They have supported the education of this little girl for the last three years.
Every week Justin would have to take baked items to sell for 50 cents after school.  He took chocolate chip cookie bars and brownies.  The first week he got mad at me because the whole pan of bars went to the bake sale and none for him to eat at home.
Every week there was a mob of kids trying to get an item (pop, juice box, cookies, donuts, bars, puppy chow, chex mix, candy, etc).  After bake sales for four weeks, the group made a total of $669 to send to Africa.  These little sales are a huge success!

Take care,

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winside Wrestling

Last Sunday was little wrestlers competing in Winside.  The NC Takedown Club competed as individuals, but also as a team.  They brought home the 2nd place trophy as a team.  The trophy was placed up in the wrestling room at school.
 Justin helped the team earn points by pinning opponent #1.  Justin weighed in two pounds less at this tournament than the last tournament.  This probably helped him bracket-wise.
 More points were earned with pin #2 on his next opponent.
 Then came opponent #3, Trevor.  Justin and Trevor were on the same baseball team last summer and they know each other from the playroom at the YMCA also.  The photo up above is what the coaches tell the kids not to do, "If you are down, don't put your head down.  Keep your head up because then it's harder to do a half (flip-over)."
 Both of these kids were looking for their coaches to find out what to do next.
 Almost a pin up above, but time ran out.
 Justin could not get Trevor pinned.  He came close so many times, but Trevor would wiggle out of it and fight a little harder.  Justin kept looking at Coach Kevin for what to do next.
 All smiles today when they presented him with his 1st place trophy.  Then the parents talked the four in the bracket into a group photo.
Take care,

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Surprise Party

We were invited to a surprise 50th birthday party for our friend, Janelle, last weekend.  Janelle and her husband, Tom, have six children and they totally surprised her.  Out of the six children, Hannah and Maggie are out of college, Luke and Dani are in college, Mary is in junior high and Nolan is in 4th Grade.  Plus, they have Even, a foreign exchange student from Norway currently living with them.  This great family lives just two blocks from us and I am the "bus driver" that gets them home from school every day.  Janelle does in-home daycare and takes everything in stride.
She walked in the house Saturday night from a day of shopping and was totally surprised to see a houseful of family and friends.  We enjoyed a Mexican feast of tacos, nachos, veggies, Mexican roll-ups, 7-layer dip, cake, etc.  And of course, there were margaritas and coronas to enjoy!
Janelle's true birthday isn't until February 4th, but it was a great celebration!

Take care,

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Academic Success

We had one pretty proud Freshman at our house when the Norfolk Catholic first semester honor roll was posted at school!  Cara had made the white honor roll for the semester.  When it was announced at school that the honor roll was posted by the office, Cara went and looked for her name.  Then she took a photo of it with her I-pod and sent it to her Dad as proof.  (Even if it is against school policy to text during school.)  She got a response back from Dad telling her how he was proud of her and he knew that she had worked hard to achieve it.  The photo above appeared in the Norfolk Daily News a few days later. 

When we got home from school that day, she proudly announced it to her siblings.  In celebration of the event Ashlin pronounced, "Pops all around for everyone to celebrate!".  Erica was disappointed that junior high students do no qualify for the honor roll because otherwise Erica would have made it also.

Very proud of Cara on her academic accomplishment!  I know she worked hard for it!

Take care,