Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 Last Saturday Keith and I, along with Austin and Sandra, became godparents for our niece, Kyler.  It was a short ceremony to make Kyler one of God's children. 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Softball is Over

 Last week was Ashlin's last softball game of the summer.  She played with Kelly's softball 8 and under team.  She had fun and it required Ashlin to talk and meet new girls.  Ashlin is by far the most quiet and shy out of the four kids.  She will not participate in anything until she gets to observe for awhile.  This was true this year with softball.  She watched them play a full game before she would play with them.
 Ashlin's team played one game each Wednesday night in league play and had practice every Sunday evening.  On the last night team photos were taken and medals and ice cream were handed out to each girl that participated.

The summer activities are over!  We are on to the lazy days of summer and vacation in a couple weeks before heading back to school.  The summer is flying by!

Take care,

Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 Fair Recap

The fair ended yesterday; therefore, all our entries had to come home yesterday.  Today is for putting everything away and recapping what we earned. 
The girls had a great 4-H year at the fair.  Cara took 23 4-H entries to the fair.  She received 12-purples, 10-blues and 1 red earning $68.50 and three things are going to the state fair.  Erica took 17 4-H entries to the fair.  Erica received 12-purples and 5-blues earning $51.00 and has one thing going to the state fair.  Ashlin in her first year in 4-H took 19 entries.  She received 16-purples and 3-blues earning $57.00. I am so proud of all their hard work!  They also took a few entries to open class of extra baked goods.
 In open class, I took 37 entries and received 9-blue ribbons, 19-red ribbons and 8-white ribbons and earned $54.50.  I was pretty balanced with both baking entries and flower entries.  Cara asked me why I don't make as much money as they do yet I take more entries.  The answer is that 4-H pays out a higher premium than open class does.  Pictured above is my lemon chiffon cake that received a blue ribbon.  First time I had ever baked one.  I might try it again.  I will not be baking for awhile since the freezer is loaded with fair entries.
I also received two best in class prizes.  I received best jam for a jar a strawberry jam and best salsa.  These were my prizes - two buffet servers.

The kids and I went one night to the rodeo and it was a good time.  As a family we attended both nights of concerts.  On Saturday night we saw Brett Eldredge and Billy Currington and on Sunday night we saw Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers and Josh Turner.  Both nights of concerts were very good. 

We'll take a break now and enjoy some more summer!

Take care,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Best Week in July

The best week in July, the Madison County Fair, started yesterday.  For us, it started today with 4-H Entry Day.  We had to recruit Grandma Korth to help us get to the fair this morning because we had so many entries that there wasn't room for entries and for bodies.  I was so glad that entry day finally arrived. 
 In our haste to get out of the house this morning, I forgot to grab my camera; therefore, I copied these photos of us from the fair's facebook page.  First, we hauled in all of our open class entries since they have to be entered by 10:30.  I'm not sure yet how many open class entries I had, but I'm guessing somewhere in the mid 30 range.  Plus, the kids had a few items.
 First, up was the flower judge.  All three of the girls received all purples on their flowers.  Therefore, it was a great start to the judging.  The flower judge was very impressed with Ashlin's poster about deadheading flowers.
Then we moved inside the 4-H building where the girls had to interview judge with the baking judges and the canning judge.  Cara spent about 30-45 minutes with this judge working her way through a laundry basket of entries.  Cara had this judge look at two coffee cakes, a chiffon cake, biscuits, a fast foods recipe file, a snack recipe file, a healthy snack, and a poster.  Cara also had some canned salsa and strawberry jam judged.

I will post more photos of completed projects and results after we go back to the fair later today to pick up excess product.

Take care,

Monday, July 7, 2014

End of the Season

 Justin's baseball season came to an end last week.  The Angel's baseball team was the #2 seed in the end of the season single elimination tournament.
 The first night of the tournament the Angels won which put them into the semi-finals.
 They lost in the semi-finals ending their season.  It was a great game with the score going back and forth.  Justin was disappointed to not win the championship, but he knew that it was okay to lose.
 Justin's team had a great season only losing two games.  He learned to hit off a coach pitching the ball and he learned to field the ball better.  It was a great season!
Take care,

Monday, June 23, 2014

Viva Las Vegas! Part III Last Day

 We spent our last day in Las Vegas walking up and down the strip sight seeing.  We bought a monorail ticket and road it all the way south to the end of the line.  Then we started walking out way back.  You could take a gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel complete with someone serenading you.
 This is a photo of Liberace's rhinestone car that he used in his Vegas show to drive on stage.

 The Statue of Liberty outside the New York New York Hotel.  We went inside to visit the Hershey Chocolate Store.
 I have no idea how many miles we walked that day.  Notice my alcoholic beverage that I am carrying.  We went into a convenience store and purchase 2 beers for $5.  So much better than paying, $7-8 a beer or $21 for a 32 oz. fruity drink at the Mirage.
 Once we reached our hotel, we the rode the monorail all the way North and got off looked around and then got back on and rode back.
 Later that evening, we rode the bus downtown to Fremont Street which is the old Vegas strip.  The bus ride was experience in itself.  We saw stuff on Fremont Street that I could have went a life time without seeing.  All the lights on the hotels was cool and the food and drinks downtown was so much cheaper.  We ate dinner at the El Cortez Café.  Keith had a prime rib dinner and I had a chicken fried steak dinner and our bill with drinks was $25.  This meal was cheaper than one breakfast at our hotel that we shared the entrée.
Also while down on Fremont Street, we got to listen to a free street concert being performed by "Three Doors Down".  This band will be in Norfolk next month and we have tickets to see them.

All in all, we had a great time!  We spent very little time gambling because we are not gamblers.  One night we both put in $10 each in a penny slot and then moved to quarter poker slots and played for about an hour before losing all of it.  Keith won about $5 at the airport before we left.  Personally, we would never take our children to Las Vegas.  There is too much to see on the strip that is not appropriate for children's eyes.  It was a fun way to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  We will probably go back again.

Take care,

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Viva Las Vegas - Part II

 So after checking into the Mirage Hotel and eating some lunch, we decided to go exploring.  Our first stop was the Forum Shops at the Caesar Palace.  This is an inside shopping center that makes you feel like you are in Greece.  In the center of the mall are some marble statues.  Keith took my photo by Zeus and Pegasus.
 The Forum contains many high-end stores.  You can see Gucci in the background.  We were just window shopping and taking in the sights, not much shopping going on.  Although I did try some sorbet samples and then ended up buying a small bowl of strawberry sorbet.  It was delicious and very refreshing!

 We did eat dinner one evening at Margaritaville, but on day one we just stopped in to get a drink.  I definitely had to get used to being able to walk around with an open container of alcohol. 
 While in the Venetian Hotel, we came across Carlos' Bakery Shop in the Grand Canel Shoppes.  If you watch TLC's Cake Boss, you are familiar with this bakery.  I wondered in and took a number to buy something.  I ended up buying two mini cannolis that cost me a small fortune.  But, I wanted to say that I had eaten something from the bakery.

 Later that evening, we went to Harrahs to watch the Dueling Pianos in one of the bars.  It was fun and entertaining!  We stayed until the piano show was over at 2 a.m.
 At some point, we found out that at the Casino Royale they had $1 Michelob light bottles of beer and $1.99 footlong hotdogs.  Just the perfect late night snack! 
 We went back to this place many times to get $1 beers!  The drinks and food in Las Vegas are expensive.  So, finding cheap beer was a definite plus!
Take care,