Monday, February 16, 2015

First Tournament of Wrestling Season

Justin wrestled on Sunday in the Elkhorn Valley Tournament.  This year he had to move up a division to 1st & 2nd Grade.  This made him a little worried to wrestle a second grader since he is only in first grade.  But, his coaches said that he was ready.
He weighed in at 49.3 lbs.  Justin is a lightweight.  The other kids in his class that wrestled all weighed in about 6 pounds heavier.  First, he wrestled a kid from Logan View and pinned him in 42 seconds in the first period.  Next, Justin wrestled a kid from Ainsworth and pinned him in 16 seconds in the second period.  This was Justin's hardest match.  Last, Justin wrestled a kid from West Holt and got a technical fall with a 11-0 score.
He was all smiles atop the medal stand with his 1st Place trophy.  These photos aren't the best off Keith's phone, but they captured the memory for me to see later at the basketball tournament.  Justin proudly showed off his trophy to other kids and parents at Erica's basketball tournament.

Now Justin is all ready for the next little kids' wrestling tournament.

Take care,

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter Volleyball League

Last Sunday was the last day of the Lakeview Winter League.  The last day was set up as a tournament with the 16 teams being placed into the Gold Division and the Silver Division.  The top eight in the gold and the bottom eight in the silver. 

The 8th Grade girls from Norfolk Catholic were the #8 seed in the Gold Division. First up the girls had to play the #1 seed Wayne 7.  It was a loss in two sets, but they fought hard and had their chances.  Next, they defeated Lakeview Blue in two sets.  Last, they played Battle Creek Digs and lost in two close sets.  Overall, the girls finished in 6th place.  For being the #8 seed, they moved up two spots to finish in 6th which is good.

Unfortunately, Cara has a hurt right shoulder again.  She is in pain like she was this fall during volleyball.  Sunday was a painful day in the gym for her.  She would serve one overhand and then one underhand, before I told her going into the second game to only serve underhand.  Monday afternoon was a trip back to Dr. Adams, a family and sports medicine doctor.  She had a x-ray and the bone structure looks good.  On Thursday morning, she is going to have a MRI on the shoulder.  She cannot continue to be in this pain and we need answers to heal the shoulder.

As a consequence, she is out of the next winter volleyball league in March.  Many tears have been shed that she cannot play league.  The shoulder needs to heal completely from the over-use.  She needs to be 100% for volleyball in the fall.  Hopefully, nothing is wrong with her shoulder and she just needs rest and physical therapy.

Take care,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Tonight while driving in the car with Justin, this is the question from the backseat, "Mom, do the kids at the public school pray?"

I'm thinking, "Where did this come from?", but I reply, "No, they don't pray at school.  It is against the rules."

Next question from Justin, "Do they pray before they eat their lunch?"

My reply, "No, it is against the rules for them to pray at school."

Justin's reply, "So those kids don't pray when school starts, at lunch, or after recess."

My replay, "No, they can't pray at school."

Justin's next question, "Do they pray at their home?"

My answer, "Yes, they can pray at home and I hope they do."

I'm not sure what they talked about at school today. But, I'm sure this little scenario was brought up last week during Catholic Schools Week.  I was pretty proud that he thought that much about praying and that he can't imagine not being able to pray at school.

Take care,

Monday, February 2, 2015

One Year Anniversary

The end of January marked my one year anniversary working for Lawrence Merchandising.  My second part-time job as a merchandiser started as just a way to earn a little extra cash for fun stuff.  But, after reviewing my W-2 from them last week, I guess I worked quite a bit and earned more than I thought I would.

I can be found most weekday mornings at Target merchandising jewelry, sunglasses, trading cards, greeting cards, or other items they throw at me.  Occasionally, I am can be found working at Walmart in health and beauty or in the premium chocolate candy. 

Usually, I drop the kids off at school and then I go merchandise for a few hours before heading to school to work lunch.  I love that this part-time job is so flexible most of the time.  I am given a set number of projects to complete in a certain number of hours for the week, but I usually get to pick what day and time I want to complete them.  I try not to have to go back to the store after school, but sometimes I have to go back to fit everything in for the week.

I am also still merchandising for a few other companies as well, but I spend the most time working for Lawrence Merchandising.  I enjoy my second part-time job because it is something different almost every week.  For example, one week my extra project is repackaging Timex watches and the next week I am working with Hanes bras or putting instant redeemable coupons on some cosmetics or building an endcap of fireworks or building and setting up a new premium chocolate display.  It is not the same every day or every week and that is why I like this job so much. 

When I left retail 15 years ago, I told myself I would never go back.  But, this I can handle and enjoy because I don't have to work the awful long hours, I don't have to deal with awful customers and I don't have to work holidays or weekends.

Take care,

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Grandparents Day

This week is Catholic Schools Week!  Tuesday was Grandparents Day at school.  The grandparents were treated to an afternoon of activities at school.  First, the grandparents enjoyed a brown bag lunch with their grandchildren.  This was followed with games, crafts, picture taking, a sing-a-long and an all-school Mass.

Grandpa and Grandma Korth came to school for the afternoon.  They had three other 6th Graders join their table since these girls did not have a grandparent in attendance.  Every child was paired up with someone because no one was to be excluded.

I spent Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning helping at school in the kitchen.  I helped make 854 sub sandwiches for the lunch.  Trust me I am dreaming about sandwiches! 

I'm not sure who had more fun at school - the grandchildren or the grandparents.

Take care,

Monday, January 26, 2015

2nd Place in Crofton!

Saturday morning the girls and I were out of the house early to get to Crofton by 8:30 a.m. for a basketball tournament.  The 4th Grade girls played a 9 o'clock game against the host team, Crofton.  Crofton is known around the state as a power house in girls basketball earning many trips to state and also many state championships.  But, anything is possible and the Norfolk Catholic girls won the first game 20-2.
After the first game, we got out of the gym and went over to Franny and Sharlene's house to relax until the next game.  Grandpa and Grandma Leader came over from Bloomfield to watch.  Ashlin had a few extra fans in the stands with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Sharlene, Cara, Erica and me.
 In the second game, it was Norfolk Catholic against Wynot.  Wynot is a small town in Northeast Nebraska that also has a good basketball program.  Again the Norfolk Catholic girls were victorious with a 16-7 win.  This win put them in the championship game against Pierce.
Our girls had played Pierce two weeks earlier in the Stanton Tournament and lost to them 0-22.  But, this week they played harder and tougher.  They ended up losing 7-18.  It was a much closer and competitive game than the first meeting.  I'm sure we will see them at another tournament this season.
So proud of these girls!!!  They have improved so much since their first tournament.  Ashlin scored two points in each game!  It was a great day in the gym!
Take care,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

6th Grade Christmas Party

 Sommer, another teacher at school, and I stepped up and we are the room parents for Mr. Korth's 6th Grade class.  As room parents, we are not organized and plan the parties on the fly.  For example, for Halloween, we asked parents at the last minute to bring snacks and we planned a scavenger hunt for the students the day before.
 For Christmas, Sommer got the teacher gift and lined the parents up to bring food.  I was in charge of games for the party.  First, the kids were divided into groups of four for a game of "Christmas Trivia".  All the questions pertained to Christmas songs and movies. 
 Next game was drawing a Christmas scene on a paper plate that was on their heads.
 Last, the students had to make a pair of reindeer antlers out of balloons and a pair of pantyhose.  This game was hilarious and by far the best game.  They struggled to get the balloons blown up and put into their pair of pantyhose.
 Cara helped me with the party and a pair of 7th Grade girls joined in on the fun and built a pair of pretty good reindeer antlers.
 They then ate snacks and played "Just Dance" in the classroom.  I was surprised that some chose to leave their reindeer antlers on.  They are a great group of kids.
Take care,