Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Sport Another Season

 For the last few months everything has been about basketball and we are still playing club basketball for a couple more weeks.  But, if you look close at these photos, you can see a different ball being bumped and set in these photos.  Yes, Cara is moving back to volleyball for the month of March.
 Cara has been practicing about once a week during the month of February to get ready to play in March.  Every Sunday in March, Cara and her fellow 7th Graders will play in a volleyball league in Columbus.  They will play 4 games every Sunday.
 Last Sunday in between basketball games, Cara had time to go to a volleyball practice.  She is so much more comfortable playing a game with that ball.
 The girls practiced drills in the wrestling room due to all the courts being used for basketball games.  They practiced bumping, setting, and moving their feet to the ball.  Then they moved over into the weight room and Coach Fisher showed them the proper technique to do a few lifts.
Take care,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Erica Turns 11

Erica's 11th birthday was on Thursday!  She had a sleepover for her birthday on Friday with three friends.  First activity was a few games of bowling with Justin and Ashlin joining in on the fun.
 After bowling, the girls came back to our house to eat Taco John's.  Tacos and potato ole's were just what the girls needed to recharge.  Then they headed for the basement to laugh, play Wii games and eat candy from their Valentine parties at school.
 Bedtime for the girls was 11:00 because they had to play in a basketball tournament on Saturday afternoon and we could not have tired girls.
 It is hard to believe that our blue-eyed blonde daughter is already 11 years old.  I think she has had a smile on her face since her birth.  Erica is always happy and smiling!  She loves to hang out with her friends and just be goofy!
Take care,

Monday, February 17, 2014

5th Grade Club Scrimmage

The 5th Grade girls at Norfolk Catholic have 18 girls out for club basketball.  Therefore, the girls are usually divided into two teams to give every girl a chance to play at this level.  They are still learning fundamentals and how to play as a team.
 Two weeks ago, one half of the girls had a scrimmage against the girls from Lutheran High Northeast and then a week ago the other half had a scrimmage against the same team.  It was just a practice scrimmage, have a game and no score was kept.
 Erica has never played basketball before and she is busy learning fundamentals.  She is learning to play more aggressive, but still be in control.
 This scrimmage was a great warm-up before they start playing in tournaments in the weeks to come.
 Erica is having a good time, getting some exercise, and hanging out with her classmates and friends.

Take care,

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shockwave Basketball Comes to an End

Ashlin's basketball season playing on the Shockwave basketball team came to an end a week ago.  They finished the season with a record of 3-3. 
This was Ashlin's first time to play basketball on a team.  She learned quite a bit and her skills improved as the season went on.  For being a little body, she can shoot from the outside by using her legs to help her get the ball that far.  She scored a few baskets and had a ton of fun!
No matter if her team won or lost she always had fun and was ready to play again!  She plays aggressive on defense - having her hands up or out, shuffling her feet to defend the ball, and placing herself between the basket and the person she is defending.  I can tell that she has picked up parts of the game by watching her older sisters play.
Take care,

Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Little Artist

The all-city school art show was this last weekend.  Justin was very happy that Mrs. Kraft selected two of his art projects to be in the art show. 
 The watercolor angel with the rainbow by his head was one entry. 
Justin's second entry was the flower made using tempera paint two pictures above his head.  We looked through all the art projects and found many by students from Norfolk Catholic.  Justin loves it when his class has art.

Take care,