Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Few 4-H Fair Projects

Last Saturday was the 4-H entry day for all non-perishable projects.  The girls had a fast and furious couple of weeks to get everything completed.  There was one day that I think you could have gotten high from the paint fumes in the garage.  We had projects all over the house in various stages of completion, but in the end, Cara got everything done, Erica had everything except for one item, and Ashlin didn't get two things completed.  This isn't bad considering how many entries the girls had.
 This year the girls did quite a few of the same items with variations to each of them.  For example, they each made these wooden letters.  Three purple ribbons on these letters.

 They each did a project that involved recycling an old softball and turning it into a flower.  The one pictured above is Cara's.  All three girls received purples on this project.
 This burlap stenciled table runner caused Cara and I fits, but it received a purple ribbon and Cara said the judge loved it.  This was NOT as easy as I thought it was going to be.
 All three girls used modge podge to adhere fabric to terra cotta pots.  The judge was not thrilled with this project, although, it was completed at a 4-H project day.  After the judge had looked at a few of these pots, she was questioning her ribbon choice on the first few pots.  I am wondering if she went back and changed some ribbon placings because many kids completed this project.  I can't wait to put actual plants in these bright patterned pots.
 Another recycled project the girls completed was one that involved using empty toilet paper rolls and turning them into designs.  Cara and Erica made crosses and Ashlin made a sunburst design.
We will be back at the fair the week after the 4th of July to enter all our baking, flowers and gardening.  More photos of projects and ribbons will be coming later. 

Take care,

Monday, June 29, 2015

Boating with Cousins

 We headed to Lewis and Clark over the weekend to get some boating in and we picked up cousins Nick & Jake on the way from Grandma & Grandpa Leader's house.  They were up for the weekend with their family.
 The water is still not the warmest and the wind was blowing more than usual, but the kids were ready to tube, swim and have fun.

Hard to believe that these two, Nick and Cara, are going to be freshman this fall.
 After boating for a few hours, it was time to head home.  Erica had to babysit early and Nick & Jake had to head back to Lincoln.  Plans are in the works for the next boating adventure.

Take care,

Friday, June 26, 2015

Celebrating Sue's Birthday

Sue, one of our neighbors and friends, celebrated her 50th birthday this week.  Some friends and co-workers organized a surprise party for her one day after work. 
 When our kids found out about the party, they were all in to celebrate.  They all hang out at Sue & Sienna's house quite a bit.  Sue is like a second mother in the neighborhood looking out for them, helping with carpool, watching movies with them, etc.
Take care,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

JC Youth Camp

Cara left last Wednesday for JC (Jesus Christ) Youth Camp.  This camp is for freshman in our church parish.  This camp is to help them prepare for Confirmation next March and to help them explore their faith and grow closer to Jesus.
 The camp is divided into two groups each going to Tintern different weeks in June.  Cara was in Group #2.  The campers all met in the gym at school and did an ice breaker before loading the bus and leaving for camp.
 Cara was excited, but nervous to leave for camp.  Most of Cara's class all chose to attend camp the second week.
 Tintern is located a few miles south of Oakdale, Nebraska.  It is about 30-40 minutes from Norfolk.  Actually, the students go to Tintern for class retreats during the school year.  The camp is all geared around Jesus Christ.  Their are small group sessions, crafts, songs, large group sessions, speakers, testimonies about faith, camp fires, confession and daily Mass.
 It is a tradition at camp to have a mud fight.  All electronic devices are banned from camp.  There aren't even clocks.  The campers have no concept of time.  The adult counselors have phones in case of emergency, but none of the campers. 

I went to Tintern on Thursday as a volunteer in the kitchen.  A few other Moms and I arrived at Tintern at six in the morning and started cooking for the day.  We served French toast and sausages for breakfast and tacos with salads for lunch.  Then we started the supper of chicken and rice and also made up breakfast egg bakes for the next morning.  The parents work in shifts to get all the meals prepared for about 60 people.  The campers are assigned chores to complete three times per day, such as, take out garbage, do dishes, clean bathrooms, etc.
 On Sunday, the parents arrive at camp for a noon Mass, a closing discussion, and lunch.  Then each camper goes home with their parents.  Cara came home exhausted, but happy and faith changed.  She made some new friends and she grew close to those in her small group.  Cara was influenced by the testimonies of faith and struggles told by counselors at camp.  Cara's small group was led by Michelle Johnson, an adult counselor and Michaela Heimes, a peer counselor.
Take care,

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

30th Class Reunion

 Saturday night was Keith's 30th Class Reunion at the golf course.  The class of 1985 graduated with 42 members.  One classmate is deceased and 21 classmates were at the party.
 We had a broasted chicken dinner meal with salads and dinner rolls.  The class talked about old times and then everyone headed into Bloomfield for the street dance.  Some of the classmates that attended hadn't been back in years.
Take care,

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bloomfield Q125 Celebration

This last weekend was Bloomfield's Q125 Celebration!  Grandpa and Grandma Leader live in Bloomfield and it was also Keith's 30th Class Reunion.  Therefore, it was a time to celebrate in the small town of Bloomfield.  Friday night we went up to listen to the Dueling Pianos and they were great.  Before we left town for the night, the kids watched the start and finish of the Glow Run which was held at the park.
 Saturday morning we were back in Bloomfield for the celebration parade.  We had a great spot at the beginning of the parade, right on Main Street and also in the shade.
 Many floats featured large birthday cakes in honor of the celebration.

 Many of the surrounding small towns had entries in the parade, such as Wausa, Osmond, Belden, Crofton, Creighton, etc.  It was great to see these other small towns being so supportive.  The photo above is of the Wausa Vikings.  This is a constant in many parades.
 Also no small town parade is complete without the Shriners, fire trucks or tractors.
 Cousin Michael drove a fire truck through representing the City of Crofton.

 As you can see the parade was long.  This is from where we sat looking downtown Bloomfield.
 It was a HOT morning!  Therefore, these two men representing Lewis and Clark had to be dying in these fur coats.  After the parade, the kids weighed how much candy they collected during the parade.  The bucket and bag of candy loot weighed in at 6 pounds.
After the parade, Keith stopped by the teacher/staff reunion to visit with some of his old teachers from Bloomfield High.  He enjoyed visiting with them.  Then we had lunch at Grandma & Grandpa Leader's house before heading across the street to play and watch the mud volleyball tournament.

 Later in the afternoon, we took in the Quilt Show at the Community Center.  Then we headed to the fairgrounds for the free Kid's Games and a craft/vendor show.  Also at the fairgrounds, visitors could check out The Wall which featured the names of soldiers killed while defending our country during various wars.

It was a great day with many activities!

Take care,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Coach Pitch Baseball

 Justin is busy playing coach pitch baseball every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  He is on the Canham Maytag Twins team. 
 The league is about learning fundamentals, everybody getting to play, playing all positions on the field and everyone batting.  If you don't hit the ball after seven pitches, then the tee is brought out to hit off of.
 Last night wasn't his best night of hitting, but he hit the ball every time off the pitch.  Justin did get to play pitcher position last night also.
Uncle Randy and Cousin Eli were in Norfolk yesterday, so, they stopped by and caught a few innings of Justin's game.  It sure was a HOT night to play!

Take care,

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer League Begins

This last week summer volleyball league started.  Erica and Ashlin will play games every Wednesday.  They have practice on Tuesday night and then play league the next day.  Two weeks they play in Battle Creek and two weeks at Lutheran High Northeast.  Cara is helping coach Ashlin's 5th Grade team.
 I think Ashlin had a smile on her face all day!  She was so excited to play volleyball again.  Ashlin ended up playing two games with the 5th Grade team and then one game with the 6th Grade team because they were short on players.
 For Ashlin's size, she has a powerful serve.  She serves overhand and is almost back to the regulation serving line.  She surprises many people watching with her serve.
 For the first week back in the gym, both of the girls' teams won one game and lost one game.

 There were good plays and bad plays on the day.  But, the focus is fundamentals and getting touches while having fun and learning more about the game.
Summer is in full swing here at the Leader house.  Cara is in the weight room 5 days a week.  She works two days on arms, two days on legs and one day of summer conditioning.  Cara doesn't start league until July.  Justin is playing baseball two nights a week.  Erica and Ashlin have volleyball two times a week and they started going to a basketball fundamental night at the school on Wednesday nights.  We are trying to squeeze in some time at the water park on hot, sunny days, but so far there have been few of them.  Then we really need to get cracking on the 4-H projects because entry day is rapidly approaching.  And last, I may be off from school for the summer, but I still have to complete my merchandising jobs each week.  Hopefully, the weather starts to cooperate and we can get the boat out of storage and have some fun up at the river.

Take care,