Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Holly!!!

Today is my sister Holly's 30th birthday!!! In honor of this big day, I decided to do a post all about her. In my family there are three children and Holly is the youngest. Therefore, I have a few memories to share.

1. I remember the day that Holly was born. Shortly after getting home from school Mom called Dad and said that it was time. Holly was born that night shortly after 6:00 p.m.

2. I remember that Dad wanted to name her Rebecca. Mom did not like the name at all and asked if he would settle for Becky and then he said no. In the end, our brother Joel picked out the name Holly.

3. I remember how she counted when she was going to run a race. Most kids say 1, 2, 3, GO. But, Holly said 8, 9, GO.

4. I remember how wild and crazy her hair was as a baby and how she always had chapped fat cheeks.

5. I remember being in college and having her school picture hang on the wall by my desk in the dorm. Holly would also send me pictures she had colored or drew. Everyone would ask me if she was my niece and I would say, "No, that's my sister".

6. I remember that we all called her "B" (short for baby) and she would answer. Joel and I can still call her that and she will answer. I guess some things you never out grow.

7. I remember how the three of us would lay on the living room floor and watch TV and Holly always had to be in the middle. No matter how close Joel and I would be, she always found a way to squeeze in between us.

8. I remember getting a phone call from Mom telling me that I had to come home from college for the weekend because it was Holly's music recital. Mom told us that Holly had sat through so many of our activities, concerts, recitals, etc. that it was the least we could do for Holly.

9. I remember Joel and I teasing Holly that she was the "oops" in the family. Although to this day, Mom still swears that she was planned.

10. I remember sitting at Holly's high school graduation and cheering when her name was announced. Later, Dad, Mom, Joel and I were all crying because Holly had graduated.

11. I remember sitting in the sun at Wayne State College when Holly graduated from college with a double teaching degree in elementary education and special education.

12. I remember Holly always complaining how she had to get her picture taken on holidays with the nieces and nephews because she wasn't married. We all would just laugh at her.

13. I remember how Aunt Holly taught my oldest daughter to skip. Cara wasn't old enough to know how to skip, but Aunt Holly tried to teach her anyway.

14. I remember how Holly worked eight summers at a daycare. This is probably how she developed such patience for children.

15. I remember the day that Holly was baking her 4-H entries for the Pierce County Fair and her white bread flopped. She started over that night instead of going to bed and I stayed up with her.

16. I remember how Mom would never wrap Holly's birthday presents in Christmas wrapping paper even if her birthday is so close to Christmas.

17. I remember the day that Holly got married and how Joel and I had our picture taken with her and as usual, Holly got to stand in the middle.

18. I remember the day that Holly gave birth to Jack. Just like Mom and me, Holly also has fast labors.

19. I remember Holly calling me and asking me Mom questions about babies, breastfeeding and the like.

20. I know that today my sister, Holly, is 30 years old. I will always remember all of these things and lots more about Holly. I also know that as her big sister I will always stay at 25 years old. I will never age past 25 years and no matter what she says to the contrary, I will deny everything.

Happy Birthday Holly!

Take care,


  1. What a sweet birthday post for Holly! You are sooo lucky to have a sister -- I always, always wanted one! I hope we can go see her soon! Next time, Baby Jack will be older so we could drag her to Ikea with us!

    I just took Kamree's rollers out of her hair! You have created one high maintenance monster! See you tomorrow!

  2. Very sweet tribute to your sister. Sisters are the best!

  3. What a beautiful post about your sister. She sounds like an incredible person!