Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Times 8

 Cara's 6th grade class only has 35 students in the whole grade.  They are the smallest grade at Sacred Heart Elementary, but they are a close class.  Eight of the students in 6th grade have a birthday within 10 days of each other in March.  Therefore, they decided to have a big birthday party and all celebrate together on Sunday.  Each student and his/her family was invited to this "Happy Birthday Time 8" party.
 One family lives in an old rural school that is no longer open.  They have renovated the school and now live in it.  The school had a gym so it comes in handy for class events.
 One mom, who happens to be a PE teacher, planned games for everyone to enjoy in the big gym.  It didn't matter your age because anyone could participate.

Joe and Raymond practicing their dance moves.
 In another room, you could play Just Dance IV is you wanted to play.
 Every time it was time to start a new game, everyone had to sit by the big circle in the center of the gym and listen for new directions about the next game.
 Cara and Charli would kind enough to let Justin be a part of their team of three.  This game involved stealing little foam pieces from other teams.  You had to be tricky and fast!  Justin had fun being sneaky!
 After the games, everyone enjoyed a nice supper of sloppy joes and other party foods.
 The night concluded with a group dance of "Harlem Dance" by all the kids.  Connor started the dance in the center.
 They were supposed to have their heads down, but everyone wanted to peek and see Connor dance in the middle.

Every Mom commented how photos from this 6th grade party will probably show up later on their Graduation Day Senior Video of memories!  A great party and we wish the 8 birthday kids, Chase, Connor, Hunter, Carter, Bree, McKinzie, Ethan and Callista, a "Happy Birthday"!

Take care,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter Coloring Contest

Can you tell which kid colored which Easter egg?

Justin's coloring contest entry is on the left and Ashlin's entry is on the right.

The kids are always on the look out for a coloring contest around a holiday that is sponsored by our local Shopper.  Right now they are sponsoring a Easter coloring contest.  First prize is a one hour bowling party, second prize is an Easter basket from Walgreens and third prize is a kid's meal from McDonalds.  They are both hoping that they win a prize.  They turned in their entries on Friday.  They both worked very hard on coloring.  Now they are counting down the days until the winners are announced.

Take care,

P.S. The results are in and Ashlin placed 2nd and Justin placed 3rd.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ashlin Turns 8

 Ashlin turned 8 years old on Wednesday and was ready to celebrate her birthday!  She had counted down the days and had stalked the mailbox for birthday cards.  On her birthday, she took chocolate chip cookies bars to school for a class treat.  Later that night she picked to eat supper at Valentino's.
 Ashlin's birthday wish list was pretty long, but nothing too expensive so she received a variety of things including: a new swimsuit, headbands, pair of flip flops, candy, CD, etc.
 On Friday afternoon she got to celebrate her birthday with a party.  Ashlin invited 4 of her friends.  Ashlin had decided for the party that she wanted to go bowling and then have pizza and cake.  The four friends that she picked are probably the quietest girls in the class, but when they got to our house there was quite a bit of noise going on.

 Erica and Sienna also got to join the party at the bowling alley.  While the birthday party was on one lane bowling, these two along with Cara and Dad were on another lane.

Ashlin with her friends, Lauren, Maggie, Morgan, and Channatee.  What a group of gigglers!

Take care,

Thursday, March 7, 2013

4-H Bake & Take Days

 Saturday morning Cara and Erica had a 4-H meeting.  Each family was to bring a baked good.  The baked goods are then put on plates by the 4-Hers and distributed to businesses in the community. 
 I baked a pan of brownies with peanut butter frosting for the girls to take.  After the meeting was over, the girls delivered a plate of baked goods to one of the fire stations in Norfolk.  The fireman that took the plate was very thankful.
This is just one of the service projects that the Needles & Knives 4-H Club completes during the year.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grandpa Leader's Fish Fry

Justin playing tic-tac-toe against Grandpa Leader
 Friday night we traveled to Bloomfield to attend Grandpa Leader's Fish Fry (as our kids call it).  It is actually the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry.  The fish fry was postponed due to weather from the previous week, but this week the weather cooperated and it was held.
Justin got out the Lego table right away and asked Grandpa Korth to help him build something.
 The fish fry is held in the community center and there was quite a crowd there to eat fish.  I personally love the baked fish and could eat and eat it.  We got to talk to Keith's Uncle Charlie, Uncle Gordon and Aunt Carolyn, and Uncle Franny and Aunt Sharlene.  My parents also drove up to Bloomfield to enjoy the fish.
 It is a tradition that Grandma Leader will be serving dessert afterwards at the house and she did not disappoint this year.  Grandma Leader served delicious brownies with ice cream and a white cake with an outstanding frosting on it.

We already can't wait for next year's annual fish fry.  As a family, we all love to eat fish.

Take care,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lady Knight State Basketball

 Last Thursday the kids did not have school because the Norfolk Catholic Lady Knights basketball team had qualified for the state basketball tournament.  Keith took a partial day of vacation and we headed to Lincoln to watch the girls play basketball against Kearney Catholic. 
 Norfolk Catholic's record going into the state tournament was 15-9 and we were the #7 seed in the tournament.  Only eight teams qualify for state and we played the #2 seed in the first round.
 Kearney Catholic was a very tall team with about three girls being over 6 feet tall.  We played a tough game that came down to the very end.  Our girls lost 39-31, but they never gave up and not a lot of shots were falling.

 The 6th graders all sat in the top row to watch the game.  It was all boys until Cara decided to join them and she took along Erica for support.
We cheered and cheered, but it wasn't enough.  On a good note though, my alma mater of Pierce High School did win the Class C-1 Girls State Basketball Title for the first time ever in the history of the school.  We are proud of their excellent play at the state tourney!

Take care,