Thursday, December 31, 2009

1st Day of Christmas Vacation

Our poor little Justin is growing up in a household of girls. As the youngest, he wants to do whatever his sisters do. Well, the thing to do on the 1st day of Christmas vacation was dance. The girls love to watch old dance recital videos and dance along. Everyone has to wear a costume. Poor Justin got stuck wearing one of Cara's tank tops as a dress. I couldn't believe it and I cringed at what he is going to say in a few years when he sees these pictures, but he was having so much fun.

Justin trying to ballet walk for the girls.

Trying to imitate what the dancers on the video are doing.

Pointing his toe just like the other dancers.

Justin is little boy at heart though. He loves to play with his fire truck, dump truck, trains, building blocks and especially his tools. He loves it when Keith is fixing something and it involves tools.

Take care,


  1. ahahaha! He does *not* look particularly enamored with that old tank top!

  2. Oh prescious boy! He is such a trooper! I hope you have a great new years!

  3. My favorite cousin has 2 sisters and he's one of the kindest men I know. It works.....and well....Justin will be very good to his wife one day.

  4. So funny! What a cutie!

    Happy new Year!


  5. That's so cute! I'm sure he'll love seeing these when he's older!