Monday, December 28, 2009

School Christmas Parties

Last Tuesday was the last day of school before the Christmas vacation. The whole day is just one big party at school. In the morning the whole elementary school gathers in the Commons Area and sings Christmas carols. Ashlin's preschool class had their class party at 10 o'clock and Justin and I went down to help. Ashlin's class did an ornament craft, then ate a snack and drink and then sang some songs for the parents and grandparent at the party. Justin just does loves to play in the preschool room because everywhere there are toys to attract his attention. There was no hot lunch served on Tuesday, so each class was on its own. Erica's class had to bring a cold lunch with a drink from home. Cara's class ordered personal pan pizza's from Pizza Hut and she had to take a drink from home. Justin, Ashlin and I ate our lunch at home and then we went back to school to do the games for Cara's third grade class. We played Christmas Carol Pictionary and a Christmas word unscramble in teams.

Justin kept trying to escape Cara's classroom because there aren't any toys in 3rd Grade.

Ashlin eating oranges in Cara's classroom.

Chase, Ethan and Cara hanging out eating their party snacks.

Justin playing in the preschool room.

Ashlin's teacher Mrs. Nedrow was all decked out for the party.

Mrs. Nedrow's children are all grown and she said that this outfit embarrasses them each year, but the outfit is perfect for preschool.

Ashlin working on her Christmas ornament craft.

One group working on their craft.

Signing the big card for the teachers.

After being at the school most of the day, this Mom did not get much done at home. Oh well, the girls are always excited that I'm one of the Moms that gets to come to the class parties and helps out in the classrooms.

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  1. Wow -- some fun parties going on there! Have a great week!


  2. Wow! What a super fun last day of school before break! It looks like everyone had a blast (and especially Justin)!

    I am off to declutter the Christmas clutter! I am having major anxiety! Hope you have a great week!