Monday, August 26, 2013

The Things that Kids Say

My kids catch me off guard sometimes with what they say and the questions that they ask.  Sometimes I just have to laugh!


One day while driving to the library this summer the kids were having a discussion about what teachers they have this year and what is their favorite subject at school.  Many subjects were being tossed around PE and recess (not a subject) seemed to be among the favorites.  Then Erica pipes up from the back of the car, "Mrs. Arens and I didn't see eye to eye on Social Studies last year."  Cara asks, "Why not?"  Erica replies, "Well, she thinks that Social Studies should be more about the studying part and I think that it should be more about being social."  Only Erica would come up with this!


My kids went back to school last Wednesday and this happened on the first day.  Cara went in Justin's room to wake him up.  She started off by telling him that he was late for school and to hurry up.  Justin flew out of bed and got dressed in his new school uniform in record time.  Then Cara asked Justin, "Are you excited for the first day of school?"  Justin's reply, "Who wouldn't be excited for the first day of school!  Aren't you excited Cara?"  To be truthful, Cara was excited, but also nervous for her first day of Junior High.

I am sure I will have other fun sayings to report as the school year goes on, not only from my children, but also from some of the students at school.

Take care,

Friday, August 23, 2013

Boating with Tanner

Our nephew, Tanner, came to visit his Nebraska family a few weeks ago.  Tanner lives in California and is starting college this fall.  We decided to take him boating with us one afternoon.
 Tanner tried this stunt after his Uncle Keith did it.
Keith doesn't usually get to tube, but Tanner drove the boat so that Keith could enjoy the water.

 These two didn't have their weight balanced correctly and this is what happened.  Justin flipped out briefly because he wasn't expecting to end up in the water, but he swam and adjusted.

 Keith could go really fast when Tanner and Cara were on.  Unfortunately, Cara did go flying off the tube a few times.

It was a perfect day for boating and there haven't been very many good days for boating this summer.  The weather has not cooperated this summer much.  Hopefully, we will be at the river sometime this weekend for another day of boating.

Take care,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1st Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Norfolk Catholic Schools.  The kids were up bright and early and ready to leave early since I had to be at school early to welcome students. 
 No one leaves the house without the required picture on the first day of school. 
 Cara told me before we left, "No pictures of me at school this year Mom".  Of course, since Cara is in Junior High she is too cool for such things.  But, when we arrived at school the other teachers talked her into standing for this photo with her siblings.  I thought this cut-out was very cool!
 Justin with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bowder.
 Erica with her 5th Grade teacher, Ms. Fintowski.
 Ashlin with her 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Hochstein.
 The theme for the school year is "Lifted by the Lord".  All of the teachers and staff had t-shirts of various colors with hot air balloons on the front and the theme.
 Mrs. Hammond took a photo of Justin and I on the first day.
 Justin waiting in his Kindergarten line for the bell to ring.  The first day it is a little crazy in the commons area.
 The first thing that everyone at school does on the first day is attend Mass.  We have an all school Mass for Kindergarten through 12th grade.  The church is very full with students, staff, parents and parishioners.  But, it is a great way to start off the year.  After Mass, the grade school students gathered on the bleachers of the football field to have an assembly.  Mr. Berryman talked about a few rules and about the school year. 
 Then the teachers lit Chinese lanterns because our theme is Lifted by the Lord.  It was pretty windy and hard to get them lit.  But, the teachers did not give up and they succeeded in getting the lanterns to lift off. 

 You have to look kind of hard to see the lanterns way up in the sky.
Take care,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Knox County Fair with Hair Ball

We always go to Keith's hometown of Bloomfield for the Knox County Fair.  We arrive early afternoon and the kids get their ride wristbands immediately.  They ride the rides on the midway for the entire afternoon.
 This year their riding fun was cut short when it started to rain and rain and then rain some more.  The fairgrounds was just dumped on by rain.  I got stuck in the open class building for probably about 45 minutes to an hour.  Previously, I had been stuck in another building with Justin for about 30 minutes.
 After dumping over 2 inches of rain, the weather cleared off for awhile and the decision was made to move the concert for that evening inside the pavilion.  Therefore, the Hairball concert started two hours late because all of their equipment had to be taken down and put back up inside.
 The band did not disappoint the crowd.  Hairball played for 2 1/2 hours.  The concert was loud since it was inside, but the crowd that stayed for the concert was big.  These photos are pretty blurry, but we love this band!  Hairball is a tribute band to all the great "hair" bands of the 80's. 
Happy, the lead guitar player

David Lee Roth


Jon Bon Jovi
Tomorrow the kids and I head back to school.  I don't remember the last time that school has started this late for the kids at Norfolk Catholic, but I am so glad that we did this year.

Take care,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cara Becomes A Teen

Saturday night Cara went to bed just being 12.  But, she woke up Sunday morning a teenager.  Yes, Cara turned 13 on Sunday!  We kept asking her what she wanted as a gift for her birthday and she wasn't quite sure.  She told Keith that she didn't want her ears pierced and she told me that she did want them pierced.
 Cara's friend, Charli, came over to hang out and Charli said that Cara told her that she did want her ears pierced.  That was all that we needed to hear and Cara, Charli, and I headed straight for the mall before she changed her mind. 
 Keith and I won't let the girls get their ears pierced until we feel they are old enough to take care of them and be responsible.  Therefore, Cara did not have her ears pierced until yesterday.  She was nervous and scared about how much it would hurt. 
 But, after it was over, she said that it didn't even hurt.  It just burned a little bit.  Then she picked out a few other pairs of earrings to wear after her six weeks of wearing studs are over.
Later Cara chose to go out to eat at Big Red Keno for her family dinner.  Charli went along for the fun.  It was a pretty low key birthday, but Cara did have a few friends over last Thursday for a sleepover after they finished at 7th Grade Orientation.
On a side note, today is my 500th post!  I am thankful for the new friends that I have of blogger.  I feel that I know you without having ever met you.  Thank you for sharing your world with me.
Take care,

Friday, August 16, 2013

T-Rex Cafe

 Our last stop before heading home was Legends Outlet Mall.  We told Justin that we would eat lunch at the T-Rex Café.  But, when we arrived at 1:30 pm, the wait for a table of six was 45-50 minutes.  The girls did not want to wait that long and they tried to talk Justin into a different restaurant.  Well, Justin was having none of that after he had waited and waited.  So, Dad and the girls went to Dave & Busters while Justin and I waited for a table for two at T-Rex Café. 
While waiting for a table we strolled around the gift shop and visited the restrooms.  Justin could have watched the fish in all the tanks throughout the restaurant for hours.  Finally, we found a place for two at the bar instead of waiting for a table.  Justin ordered his dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and I ordered a sandwich.  The food is definitely over priced, (I had a coupon even) but it is the experience that you are paying for.  Justin LOVED the place!

After lunch, we spent a few hours browsing the stores at the outlet mall and then it was time to head for home.  We were all ready for a night of sleep in our own beds!  I see more trips to Kansas City in our future.  There are lots of things to do and it is not too far from home for a road trip!

Take care,

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Union Station/Science City

Justin and Erica sitting by a pirate.
Before heading home on Wednesday, we stopped at Union Station.  We explored around the train station and let the kids choose between visiting Science City or a National Geographic Pirate Exhibit at Union Station.  After much consideration, the choice was Science City. 
 The kids tried their best to pick up and move the blocks using the robotic arms.  Ashlin and Justin weren't too bad at it.
 Next they tried to find five different things that made music in the music area.
 Onward to learn about kinds of energy such as wind and solar.  They all tried to light up the light bulbs by pedaling a bicycle. 
 The goal was to turn the big wheel fast enough to produce enough power to light up a sign.  Ashlin usually only got half of the sign to light up.  Not enough power in her skinny legs.
 This tug-of-war display with two ropes attached in different places to a lever was fun.  You can see Cara against Keith in this photo.
 Justin had to give it a try also, naturally without anyone on the other side to make it more challenging.
 These two had to make enough power to make the rocket shoot up into the sky.  The more power the higher the rocket shot.  They would have done this for an hour if I would not have told them other kids were waiting for a turn.
While also at Union Station, we checked out the Railroad Experience.  Justin liked looking at all of the model trains, life size engine, and other railroad stuff.  Then we went to a look-out window to see the real trains coming and going.

Take care,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kansas City Schlitterbauns

 Tuesday we spent the day at Schlitterbauns.  This is a fun filled family water park.  It was pretty pricey to get in, but you could bring your own food and coolers.  Plus, the park had free tubes for your use.  We were at the park for about 7 hours on Tuesday. 
 The park had many different areas and the park was spread out over a large area.  The kiddy area had a pirate ship with slides, a train and a turtle for kids to play on.  The area also had a swim-up bar for adults.  The water in this area was almost like a sauna.  It was very warm.

 The park had three lazy rivers.  The first one that we went on was a wave lazy river.  The second lazy river which was very long was filled with numerous areas of rapids.  The third lazy river had a slide tube as part of it.  You could use single or double tubes on the lazy rivers.

 The park also had many slides.  One area had three slides - one tube slide and two body slides.  Then there was another area of tube slides.  The park had both enclosed and open slides.  They also had a boogie board area.

 After a long day of floating and swimming, we declared it a fun day and headed for the hotel.  Cara and I were sunburned, but we still had fun.  Later that evening we went to eat at a BBQ place because Kansas City is know for its BBQ.  Keith had ribs, Cara had brisket, and I had pulled pork and smoked sausage sliders.  The other three kids chose to eat other items off the kids' menu.  The food was delicious!
Take care,