Thursday, December 3, 2009

Piano Lessons

I have wanted a piano for years. So, about a year ago, we purchased a piano through a friend at an estate auction. We bid over the phone on a piano that we had never seen, but a friend said was in excellent condition. The piano was indeed in excellent condition and was fairly in tune also.

This fall Cara started piano lessons. She is nine years old and we felt she was responsible enough to take lessons. Every Tuesday evening she goes to Mrs. Nissen's home for a half hour lesson. Mrs. Nissen is Cara's music teacher from school, and Cara really enjoys taking piano lessons from her.

Lately, Cara has been filling the house with Christmas music from one of her piano books. It is great to hear Christmas carols and know that she is practicing her lesson at the same time.

Cara plays this Christmas carol quite a bit.

She also seems to be practicing this one quite a bit also.

Take care,



  1. Good job Cara! We have a piano but haven't started Maddy on lessons yet -- putting that on my list of things to do! Have a great Friday!


  2. That is wonderful, I hope she sticks with it. I took piano lessons for 5 years and I wish I had continued(blame it on high school and driver's license). I had these same books when I was taking piano lessons.

  3. How wonderful!!! My kids love to go to Grandma's house and play on the piano:) One day maybe they will actually learn how to really play:)


  4. What a treasure. I always wanted to play as a child and now would love to have my kids playing. Sounds lovely this time of year, too!

  5. I also always wanted to play the piano as a child. I can't wait to hear Cara play!

  6. That is great! I would love the live Christmas music!