Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Piano Recital

 Ashlin just finished up her second year of piano lessons with a recital.  She is quite the little player and has improved and progressed. 
 Ashlin played three songs for recital "Alouette", "Kum-ba-yah", and "Medley of English Dances".  Now she gets a week off from lessons and then Ashlin is going to start a new set of lesson books.  Mrs. Nissen, her piano teacher, has her students take lessons year round.  They get a few weeks off here and there, but for the most part they go every week.
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Perfect Attendance Pool Party

Every year for the last twenty-some years, the Norfolk Noon Optimist Club, KNEN Radio, and the YMCA have hosted a "Cool To Be In School" pool party for students with perfect attendance for the school year.  The students in Kindergarten through 4th Grade are included in the event.  This is the first year that we have had someone in our family have perfect attendance.
 Ashlin and Justin both had perfect attendance for this past school year.  They were both excited to attend and have some fun swimming.
 The pool party last two hours.  At the end of the party, the students were served ice cream bars and a drawing was held for prizes.  There were 150 students in the City of Norfolk given certificates for perfect attendance, but there were maybe 50 students at the party.  The odds of winning a prize were pretty good.  Look at what these two came home with as prizes!  They were sure excited!
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

On To Junior High

Yesterday, on the last day of school, Erica was promoted during Mass to Junior High School. This is a huge day for the 6th Grade class.  They dress up for Mass and process into church to "Pomp & Circumstance". Erica was in the last grouping to walk into church (Erica, Carly M. Josue).
 After bowing in front of the altar, Erica making her way to her assigned seat.
 The 6th Graders performed the many tasks during Mass, such as greeting, singing, reading, presentation of gifts, etc.  At the end of Mass, the 6th Grade class was presented for graduation.  Each student's full name was read, Erica Pauline Leader, she then received her certificate from Mr. Hale, shook Mr. Hale's hand and shook Fr. Andrews hand.
 Then she moved onto our school President, Mr. Berryman, and received her house shirt for next year.  Erica automatically goes into the House of Aquinas because Cara is in that house.  Siblings in families are placed in the same house family.
 Everyone at Mass applauds when the they say "We present to you the graduating 6th Grade class of 2014-2015".
 Erica with her 6th Grade teacher, Mr. Korth.  Dusty is my first cousin and both Erica and Cara had him as their 6th Grade teacher.  He prepares them very well for the big step across the parking lot.
 It was required to take a photo of the three graduates from our neighborhood.  These three hang out together, play, do homework, fight like siblings, and have fun.  Hopefully, they stay friends - Sienna, Preston, and Erica.
 This group of girls are some of Erica's best friends - Mary, Anna, Erica, Sienna, and Hope.
 We couldn't let the day pass without a photograph with the parents and grandparents.

 The girls in the class.
We pulled these two little "buddies" (Bailey and Justin) out of 1st Grade to take a photo with the graduates.  Justin considers Anna, "Deuce", one of his best friends/crush. 

After Mass, the class had a reception of cake and juice/coffee.  Then they received their report cards and were dismissed for the day.  In the afternoon, the class met up for bowling.  Then some of the girls hung out at Sienna's and had pizza. 

Take care,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crazy Dress Day

Yesterday was Crazy Dress Day for the 1st Grade!!!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 2: Track & Field Day

Day 2 at the Track was very windy and not as warm as Day 1.  By the end of the day, I was exhausted from the wind hitting me all day long.
 Before the field events start, Ms. Freese gives the students a talk about rules, sportsmanship, etc. and then Mr. Hale, the principal, leads the students in a prayer.
 Ashlin chose the long jump and the football throw for her two field events.  She placed 4th in the long jump and 4th in the football throw.

 Ashlin for her two running events chose the 50 Meter Dash and the 200 Meter Dash.  Ashlin placed 2nd in the 50 Meter Dash.  If you look close, you can see me at the finish line yelling at Ashlin to run faster.

 Ashlin placed 4th in the 200 Meter Dash.  The girls ended up having to run the 200 Meter race twice because Mr. Hale screwed up the staggered start.
 Lastly, Ashlin ran a leg on the 4x400M Relay team that placed 1st.  She was tired girl when the day was over!
On Day 2 at the track, I ran the softball throw in the morning and helped time runners in the afternoon.  Keith was in charge of photos both days and he helped me at the softball ring for awhile.

Take care,

Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 1: Track & Field Day

Both Track & Field Days were supposed to be the first Tuesday and Wednesday in May, but Mother Nature was cooperating and it was raining both days.  Therefore, they were postponed a week. 
This is Mr. Korth's 6th Grade class which Erica is a student in.  She was prepared with proper attire, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.  However, she still got sunburned.  I guess she didn't reapply often enough.
 This is the whole 6th Grade ready for the field events to begin.
 Each student may participate in two field events and two running events plus a relay.  Ribbons are given for the first six places.  Erica chose the long jump, placing 6th, and the Frisbee throw, placing 2nd.  After the field events, there was a break for lunch.
 For running events, Erica chose the 50 Meter Dash and the 100 Meter Dash.  She placed 4th in the 50 Meter and she ran a leg on the 2nd placed 4x100M Relay.

Ms. Freese asked me months ago if I could help at Track and Field Day.  I had the head cook do lunch duty for me and I was at the track all day.  I ran the Frisbee Throw and helped time running events.

Take care,

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jr. High is Coming to An End

 Last night was Cara's Jr. High Awards Banquet.  This ends her time in Junior High School.  Junior High whizzed by in the blink of an eye.  The evening started out with the presentation of the academic awards.  Cara was blessed again this year with the silver academic award.  The silver award is a grade percentage of 93-94% for all four quarters.  Cara's class is considered a smart class and it was evident when the guidance counselor passed out the academic awards with 24 out of 30 students receiving an academic award. 
 Later in the evening, Cara received participation awards for volleyball, basketball and track.  In volleyball Cara was voted by her peers to receive a few special awards.  She received: 8th Grade B Team - Most Dedicated Player, 8th Grade A Team - Best Motivator and 8th Grade A Team - Best Hustler.  She also received an Art Award for having her art drawing go to an art show and place.
 It was great to see this small class receive so many awards and accomplishments.  Now they will move on to high school and whatever that holds for them.
Take care,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Art Projects

The school days are numbered and stuff is starting to come home from school.  For example, art projects are making their way home in backpacks.
 Mrs. Kraft, the art teacher, put some artwork on exhibit during the music concert last week to showcase awards the students had won at various art shows this spring.

Before the concert, Justin told me that he had a picture on display and that he had won a ribbon.  I asked him what the picture was.  His answer was, "It's you and me holding hands Mom."  Then he went on to tell me that it wasn't his best work and that he didn't try very hard.  Oh well, the moment was there briefly.  But, then he showed me the picture and yes, we are holding hands and yes, I do have red hair. 
 Ashlin had two pieces on display.
 Erica had this shoe sketch on display and also this ceramic fish mask that received honorable mention at an art show.
Now to find a place for them!

Take care,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Music Concert

The school year is wrapping up soon and it seems that we have something almost every night.  The kids are counting the days until the last bell rings for the year.
 The other night we had the elementary school's spring music concert.  Justin has been singing these songs for weeks in his bedroom while playing.  The 1st Graders sang "Swimming in the Sea", "Ocean Beat", and "A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea". 
 Justin was even chosen to play the triangle for one song.  That kid loves to sing and does have a good voice.
 Ashlin had the 4th Graders spent this last quarter at school learning to play the recorder.  They played "Song of the Sea" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".  I am not a fan of the recorder.  It is too high pitched for my listening tastes.  I told Ashlin after the concert to stick to what she does best and just play the piano.  She laughed!

 This was Erica's final elementary concert and she couldn't wait for it to be over.  The 6th Grade sang "Follow the River" and "Rockin' The Boat". 
If you couldn't tell the theme for the concert was "Ocean".  The concert was very good and showed off some talent.

Take care,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Running for Ribbons

 Justin isn't old enough for Track & Field Day at school yet, therefore, he did Youth Optimist Track Club in April.  His ribbon meets were last week and the week before.
 Justin decided to run the hurdles and the 100 meter dash for his two running events.  First up were the hurdles.  Justin started out in the lead until he clipped a hurdle and went down getting pretty scraped up.  But, he did get up and finish the race.  The hurdles were set up backwards because of the wind, therefore, instead of falling over if you clipped them you instead fell.  More than one child ended up face down on the track.
 After getting patched up on both knees, he was ready for the 100 meter dash.  Justin won his heat and received a first place ribbon.  We were very proud of him for going back out and running another race after his mishap.
Another evening we went back for his field events.  Justin placed third in the long jump and fourth in the baseball throw.  When asked if he will ever hurdle again, he replied, "Maybe". 

Take care,