Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree

On Saturday afternoon Keith and the girls went to Bloomfield to our nephew, Conner's 6th Birthday party. Justin and I stayed home to decorate the tree and get a few other things done. Justin helped me carry up from the basement the tree decorations and then he proceeded to think that he could help me. I politely told him that this was Mommy's tree and not to touch it. Later on when the girls got home, Justin told each of them, "Mommy's tree. No touch!" and then pointed to the tree. Every time one of them got close, he would remind them again.

I feel that the tree looks much better in person and that a picture does not do the tree justice.

Take care,


  1. Beautiful tree -- great job!!


  2. Looks amazing! Our trees are never pretty. One day!

  3. Wow! Way to go! It looks like you are ready for Christmas! Whoooo hooo!

  4. Beautiful! I love the ribbon, I think I need to add some to mine but I might wait until next year :)