Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Telly Award

Two summers ago Cara was asked to participate in the making of a video for the Northeast Nebraska Child Advocacy Center. The topic of the videos was bullying and abuse (verbal, physical & sexual). For two days the videos were shot at her elementary school and she got to be a part of coming up with the ideas for the videos and writing the scripts. Cara was in the bullying video with a playground scenario of two students taking another student's hat and then refusing to return the hat. Some other scenarios presented in the video were not being invited to a slumber party, a bathroom fight, a teacher's pet, etc.

Last fall the videos were finally completed and the Child Advocacy Center had a video viewing for the students involved and their parents. I was very impressed with the videos and the aspects of bullying that they raised in children. Each student that participated was also given a copy of the video to keep.

A few weeks ago we received another letter from the Child Advocacy Center that the videos had won Telly Awards. Telly Awards are given out to non-broadcasting companies on videos submitted. Last night the production company of the video said that 15,000 videos were submitted for recognition. He compared the award to the Oscars, but for non-broadcasting companies. He went on to say that videos were submitted from all over the United States and 6 foreign countries. I was really impressed that these videos won Bronze Telly Awards.

The Northeast Nebraska Child Advocacy Center covers 20 counties in our portion of the state and shows these videos at schools. A curriculum has been established to teach children in the schools about bullying and abuse. The Advocacy Center said that the response of schools has been outstanding and that the kids love the scenarios presented.

Following are some of the pictures from last night:

Some of the students that participated in the video.

Cara's certificate that she received for the award.

One of the Telly Award trophies for the videos.

Cara with her certificate and the Telly Award.
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  1. You must be one proud mama! That is sooo exciting! Way to go, Cara! I can't wait to see it!

  2. P.S. Please bring the video this weekend if you think about it! I would love to see it!

  3. Congratulations, what a wonderful experience!

  4. Way to go Cara! you look good with the trophy in your hand! See ya at Christmas, and we will have to watch the trophy winning performance!! Love ya