Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Photos

We love to receive Christmas cards at our house. It is always fun to catch up with family and friends that you don't see very often. Each year I send out form letter catching everyone up on what has happened in the Leader household over the past year and I include a picture of our children and sometimes a family picture. Some years we have gone to a photographer and other years we just take a quick picture at home.

Why is going to a photographer so terrifying and complicated? First complication - figuring out what to dress everyone in, without going out and buying a new outfit. Second complication - scheduling the picture when everyone will be happy and smiley. Therefore, not close to nap time or right after nap time. Third complication - why do my children cringe and frown when I say that we are going to get our picture taken.

The last few years we have taken the picture at home because with four children you rarely get one picture where everyone is looking at the camera. This year I decided that all four were old enough to go to a photographer and make another attempt at a good Christmas picture. Our photo shoot could not have gone better. We were in and out in about 45 minutes and the photographer was pretty sure that she had some good photos. She emailed me two awesome pictures the other day and I picked one for our Christmas card. Last night she emailed me the proof of the Christmas card that she had worked up and Keith and I LOVED it.

I think this may be one photo I used last year.

This photo I used last year because it was a good photo of just the girls.

Justin wouldn't sit on his chair for this photo, but I still liked it.

This photo I used Christmas 2007 when Justin was about 6 weeks old.

Finally this year we will have a Christmas card photo of our children that looks good. This year I solved all of the complications - they had coordinating outfits in their closets, the photo session was taken at the right time of the day, and everyone smiled at the camera and had a great time during the session.

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  1. Cute pictures of the kids:) It is so hard....and I only have two, cannot even imagine FOUR:(

    Can't wait to see what your picture for this year!!

    Enjoy your night!


  2. Well done......this is no easy task. We have done only 2 professional photo shoots in 10 years or marriage. It's such a risk for the $$! Glad you got a good one. Seems like ours at home turn out better, anyway.

  3. Congrats on a great Christmas photo shoot! I can't wait to see your card.

    I recently read somewhere that a picture doesn't have to be perfect -- that it should simply capture the way your family is at that given time. After reading that, it really makes sense and takes the pressure of a perfect picture off!

    Hope you had a Happy Hump Day!