Wednesday, June 27, 2012

God's World

 Sometimes it is the simplest things in God's world that cause me to smile and this is one of them.  I love these Easter lilies in my backyard.  I think they are just beautiful!  I received this Easter lily a few years ago and when it was done blooming I planted it out back.  It comes back every year with more stalks and more blossoms.  This is the most blossoms it has ever had.  I just love it!
Take care,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bullfrog T-ball

Playing catch to warm-up before the game.
 Justin is playing Itty Bitty T-ball at the YMCA for 3 & 4 year-olds.  They went through try-out evaluations one Saturday and then were divided into teams.  Each team has about 11 boys on it.  The teams practiced for two weeks and started playing games last week.
Justin playing 1st base.
 Justin's games are on Monday and Thursday nights at 5:30 on the baseball fields behind the YMCA.  He has been having so much fun playing T-ball.  Justin is just so excited to be involved in an activity like his big sisters.
Arrived at 1st base safely.
 The boys at this age are just learning how to play so the rules are a little different.  They don't keep score, no one is out, every player bats every inning, etc.
 The coaches figured out that having the players stand by these orange cones helps them stay in position.  This eliminates everyone going after every ball and staying in position much better.
 In this photo, the ball was hit to Justin and he picked the ball up and ran to 1st base and did get the runner out.  Some of the kids have learned to run the ball to the base to get someone out instead of throwing the ball because they are too little to catch the ball.  Justin did get 3 kids out the other night and he knew it.
 Totally missed the ball with this swing.  We are still trying to figure out if Justin is right or left handed.  Sometimes he bats right handed and sometimes left handed.
 This time he hit the ball.
He usually has to watch where it goes before he takes off running to 1st base.

Take care,

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Volleyball League

 Cara and some of her 6th grade classmates are playing summer league volleyball every Wednesday in June.  The league is for 6th-8th grade students.  The volleyball coaches for Battle Creek and Lutheran High Northeast formed the league and there are 12 teams playing.
 The first and third Wednesdays were played at Lutheran High Northeast and the second and fourth Wednesdays are played in Battle Creek.  The first week Cara and her team of 6th graders were intimidated their first game when they had to play a team of 7th graders, but they hung with them for a while before totally falling apart.
The league is supposed to be fun and is a way to develop skills and game experience.  Unfortunately, last week Cara did not play her best because she had broken her little toe in two spots the day before.  But, the toe is healing nicely and she should be able to play much better this week.  It has been a great volleyball experience for the girls and a great summer activity.

Take care,

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sock Hop

 On the last day of school, our Home & School Association always holds a family hot dog feed and a sock hop for the students.  It is a way for the kids to enjoy one last fun activity together before they all head off for the summer.  This year's theme was 70's "hippie style".  Erica pulled out of the dress-up box a hippie girl Halloween costume from a few years ago and I braided her hair for the night.
 Cara is holding Brynn, a little girl from our neighborhood, and dancing with her friend Charli.
 The girls had fun hanging out with friends and dancing.  Justin danced and wandered around the gym.  It is a great way to end the school year with one last night of family fun.
Take care,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sneaking DS Time

One day I was looking for Justin because things were just too quiet and usually you can hear him chattering constantly.  He doesn't even have to be talking to someone, but he is always talking from the moment he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed at night.

After a little searching, this is where I found him.  Justin was laying in his bed under the covers playing the Nintendo DS.  When I asked him what he was doing, he replied, "I'm playing the Nintendo DS in here quiet so the girls won't find me".  "The girls" is how he refers to his three older sisters.  I laughed that he had to sneak off to find time to play the Nintendo DS.

Take care,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coloring Contest Bowling Party

 At Easter time, our local shopper paper held a coloring contest and Erica won 1st place in her age division.  Her prize included an hour of bowling for up to five people, shoe rental, and pop at our local bowling alley.  She collected on her prize a few weeks ago with some friends and her siblings.  Erica invited Reese, Piper, Sienna, Charli, and Reilly.
 The girls had so much fun cheering each other on and giving out high-fives for success.  Bumpers were used for those under the age of 10.  Justin and I just watched and cheered.

 Daddy even enjoyed bowling with the kids even though his score wasn't very high.
 Ashlin likes to use the granny style approach when rolling her bowling ball.
 After the hour of bowling, we treated the kids to pizza to round out the party before taking everyone home for the night.
It was a great party and a great way to start off summer by having some fun at the bowling alley.

Take care,

Monday, June 18, 2012


One of the highlights of Justin's summer was the four mornings that he spent at vacation Bible school.  He was so excited when I informed him that he was going to go to school and that the girls had to stay home with me.  We told him that this was his practice run at going to preschool before this fall.

Justin was in the 3 & 4 year old room at vacation Bible school.  On the ride home the first day, he was a fountain of information.  He told me about praying to Jesus, snack time, coloring pictures, play time, plays about Bible stories, etc.  He had so much fun going to school and learning about Jesus.  In this photo he is holding a streamer shaker he made, wearing a necklace out of foam items and fruit loop cereal he made, and a puppet he made.  His butterfly coloring page is on the refrigerator in the background.

One night that week while he was playing he could be heard singing "J-E-S-U-S"  along with other songs.  It is official, our little boy is growing up and is ready for school this fall.  We cannot wait to hear all about his days this fall when preschool starts.

Take care,

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day/Grandfather's Day Breakfast

 Mrs. Jessen's Fantastic 5th Graders held a Father's Day/Grandfather's Day breakfast early one morning before school was out for the year.  Mrs. Jessen baked muffins, pigs-in-a-blanket, etc. for the breakfast.  The class presented a class video with highlights of the year in their room.  Mrs. Jessen presented prizes to guests in attendance for: traveling the farthest, oldest guest, etc.  Grandpa Leader won a loaf of cinnamon bread for traveling the farthest.  The breakfast started at 7:00 a.m. so everyone had to get up early, especially Grandpa Leader.  Grandpa Korth got to attend also before heading off to work.  Keith took the whole day off from work because it was also Erica's track and field day.
Each student had to introduce his/her guests.  Each guest was presented with a booklet made by his/her 5th grader also.  Then the class performed a candle ceremony and sang a song "One Candle".  It was a great event to honor their dads and grandfathers.

Take care,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mother's Day/Grandmother's Day Tea

Mrs. Jessen's Fantastic 5th Graders hosted a Mother's Day/Grandmother's Day Tea.  The event was held on the Friday before Mother's Day as a way to celebrate all of their mothers and grandmothers.  Unfortunately, I could not attend because it was also Preschool Graduation for my class at the same time.  But, Cara did have both of her grandmothers in attendance.  The class served strawberry shortcake and tea for refreshments (I baked all of the angel food cakes for the class).  Each student introduced his/her guests and then the class presented a short program for the group.  Then class did a candle ceremony and then sang a class song of "One Candle".  Mrs. Jessen gave out prizes to many mothers and grandmothers.  The prizes were her famous loaf of cinnamon bread.  The prizes were given for: who traveled the farthest, who was the oldest, who had the most family members attending Sacred Heart School, etc.  Each person in attendance was also given a booklet made by his/her 5th grader.

I was so disappointed that I could not attend and Cara was also disappointed.  But, both of her grandmothers made it up to her.

Take care,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spring Music Concert

 The end of the school year is always a flurry of activity and this year was no different.  It seemed that we had an event every night.  The spring music concert was one of those activities.  The theme this year was spiritual.  As always, the program began with the preschool students singing followed by the 5th & 6th grade bands.
 Ashlin and her 1st grade classmates sang "Nothing Can Keep Us" and "Rise and Shine".  They were having so much fun singing and doing the actions.  I remember singing "Rise and Shine" when I was in grade school too.
 Erica and her 3rd grade classmates sang "Hosanna, Me Build A House" and "One More River".  This grade had numerous solos.
 In between grades the audience was entertained with some students performing piano solos.
 Cara and her 5th grade classmates performed "One Single Light" and "Amazing Grace".
The final performance of the evening was all of the students singing the All-School Song "I Refuse".  These students love singing this song throughout the school year.  The audience was invited to participate in the final song also.

Take care,

Friday, June 1, 2012

Saint Grandma Merina

Mrs. Jessen's Fantastic 5th Graders had a class project about saints.  Each student had to choose a person (living or deceased) that they felt should be canonized.  Then they had to write an essay why the individual they chose should be a saint and list reasons for such a high honor.  Cara struggled with who she should choose.  Finally, Cara chose Grandma Merina.  In her essay she listed how Grandma Merina does a lot of volunteer work for her community and her church.  Grandma Merina is a person who doesn't say "No", but finds a way to help no matter what.  She has been a huge volunteer for the Knox County Relay for Life, she is in charge of the funeral committee at church, she volunteers rides to friends in the community for doctor's visits, etc.  Grandma Merina received a letter in the mail inviting her to visit the classroom and then be canonized.  As a treat, Grandma Merina received a loaf of Mrs. Jessen's cinnamon bread, plus she got to hang out with Cara's class for the afternoon.

Take care,