Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kid's Christmas Tree

A few years ago I purchased a 4 1/2 ft. Christmas tree on clearance for my children to decorate. They get to decorate the tree any way they wish. I take the tree out of the storage room and set it in the downstairs family room for them. We leave the lights on because I don't fold the tree up each year. On this tree, they put any ornaments they wish. The tree contains ornaments given to them by teachers and grandparents, ornaments they have made at school and at museum craft days, and anything else they can find. Last year they made a garland out of construction paper rings. They said that I need to buy new construction paper for them to make the garland. This tree is their project and Keith and I do not help them. The kids put up their tree yesterday with great enthusiasm.

Keith's project is the decorating of the outside of our house. He puts lights on the outline of the roof on the front of the house. This year his theme is red and white. He has red lights in the tree and bushes and white lights on the roof. His other decorating are the two white deer by the tree and the manager scene close to the house. The weather was nice outside this year so the kids helped him with his project.

My project is decorating the inside of the house. I have had a themed tree for the last 14 years and I put up the tree by myself. The tree is old and has many, many strands of lights on it. The theme has remained the same through the years, but the decor has been tweaked from time to time. The theme is burgundy, pink, gold and cream. I use gold and burgundy strands of ribbon, poinsettias of burgundy, pink and cream, and assorted ornaments of the same colors. No little hands are allowed to help decorate the main tree. They get to help me put up other decorations, but the tree is mine. The main tree will go up sometime this week. I started yesterday putting up other decorations around the house with my two little helpers (Ashlin & Justin).

Erica with the empty tree waiting to begin.

Ashlin putting on the next ornament.

Cara helping Justin put on his ornament with his picture on it.

The finished product until they decide to change it.

Take care,


  1. It looks like the kids had a blast decorating their tree! We are all decorated here and ready for Christmas! However, I still need to wrap a bunch of gifts!

    P.S. You better tell Keith to hide his deer when we come through town!

  2. The tree is precious! I love the angels......so sweet and the perfect touch for a child's tree.

  3. Their little tree looks so sweet! And I think Jodee is a little naughty!


  4. I love the idea of the kids tree. I would love to see pictures of your tree when it is done, it sounds beautiful!

  5. The tree is so cute.....it is fun to see how they decorate.

    Pat and I break up the decorating the same way....he takes care of the outside, I do the inside:) It works very well!!

    Have a great week!


  6. How fun for the kiddos, I bet they really enjoy getting to do that!

  7. Oh I am so glad there is another "selfish" mom who wants the main tree just so :). I got a small tree for each of the kids and they had so much fun decorating.