Friday, September 28, 2012

Go Big Red!

On Saturday morning Keith and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel before checking out and heading downtown Lincoln.  On game days in downtown Lincoln, it is just a sea of Nebraska fans decked out in red Nebraska gear. We parked in the first available parking lot for $10 on 10th & K.  We don't mind walking and looking around so we didn't park close to the stadium.  As we walked along we spotted many people tailgating already at 10:00 for the 2:30 kick-off.  We made our way to the Nebraska Bookstore and looked around and listened to the pre-game show on the radio being broadcast live from the bookstore.  Naturally the bookstore was packed with Nebraska fans looking to score a few more shirts before the game.  Next, we walked around campus just enjoying the weather, people watching, and smelling the delicious foods coming from more tailgate parties.  Then, we wandered down to the Haymarket and strolled through the farmer's market.  This whole time Keith is talking off and on to his brother, Cory about meeting up somewhere to talk and maybe have a drink.  Then, we stopped in at the Embassy Suites tailgate party behind the hotel.  They had a live band, drinks, and food, plus the admission was free.  We had a drink and listened to the band for awhile before heading off toward the stadium to find something to eat.  We chose to grab some cheese steak sandwiches and continue walking.  Finally we found Cory and Carson throwing the football around.  Keith and I both agreed that we should have told Cory to wear green because he would have been easier to spot in the sea of red.  After talking to Cory, Jodee, Carson and Kamree we decided to head into the stadium for the game. 

Nebraska was taking on Idaho State that day.  The first quarter dragged on for an eternity.  It was nice to see Nebraska score many times, but it slowed down the game.  A few minutes into the 2nd quarter and I had to leave our seats because I could not breathe and started having an asthma attack.  We were seated in the north end of the stadium with the sun beating down on us.  The only time I could feel air movement was if I was standing up and the people around us were not standing up.  Plus, Keith and I were seated between two overweight ladies meaning we had even less room.  The lady beside me apologized twice for something that was not her fault.  So Keith and I went down below where the air was cooler and there was a breeze.  Finally when I could catch my breath again we decided to just leave the game.  By this time the score was Nebraska 42 and Idaho State 0 and it wasn't even half time yet.  I knew that if I went back to our seats I would have another attack.  After having an attack, I am exhausted from not being able to breathe and also from the medication.  Therefore, we walked back to the van and headed for home.  We arrived home shortly after the game was over.  It was a nice and short getaway for us.  We had fun!

Take care,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

31 Wins In A Row

Friday night while Grandpa was watching our kids, Keith and I headed to Wahoo to watch the Norfolk Catholic High School football team play Wahoo High School.  This game was a match-up of #1 playing #3 in Class C-1.  It was supposed to be a great and close football game.  Each team was undefeated and playing well.  The game was a blowout.  Norfolk Catholic won the game 35-14.  The game was never close.  Our Knights dominated from the start and they never let up all nights. 

Norfolk Catholic is known for its high school football teams in the state of Nebraska.  This win was the teams 31st consecutive win.  This season they are trying for their third consecutive state title.  This team has many good players.  For example, Jordan Bellar is the punter and kicker.  During the game, he had a punt for 55 yards and every one of his kick offs went into the end zone for a touch back.  Also, he is the starting quarterback and defensive back.  Most teams in C-1 do not have an excellent kicker.  Some Wahoo fans made this comment, "I thought their all-state kicker graduated last year."  That comment is true.  Last year's kicker was outstanding also and did graduate, but his replacement is also very good.  Norfolk Catholic is blessed to have a kicking coach that is a former kicker in the NFL.  He is also an alumni of Norfolk Catholic and two years ago made the choice to move his family back to Norfolk and teach and coach at Norfolk Catholic.

At the game, we met up with our friends Andy and Sarah Harris and their two daughters, Lily and Jaclyn.  Andy works for Nebraska Public Power like Keith and used to be on the same crew as Keith.  Cara was even the flower girl in their wedding nine years ago.  Andy works out of the Lincoln NPPD office and Sarah teaches at Wahoo Public's Middle School.  They recently built a new house in Wahoo.  After the game, we went over to see the new house, have a few drinks and talk.  It was so nice to hang out with them again and see their beautiful new home.  Later we drove into Lincoln and spent the night.

Take care,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grandpa Bob Watches the Kids

Last Friday night Keith and I said "good-bye" to our kids for the night.  We had planned an out-of-town adventure and left Grandpa Bob in charge of the kids for the night.  Grandma couldn't come along because she was out of town watching other grandkids, but Grandpa was available.  The kids were excited for Grandpa Bob to come and stay and he gave them the royal treatment during his stay.  Friday night, Cara cooked them pizza for supper.  After Grandpa arrived, Cara left for a sleepover at a friend's house and missed quite a few activities with Grandpa.  Then Grandpa and the kids played the boardgame "Sorry".  Saturday morning everyone was up early for more adventures with Grandpa.  First, he took them to the donut shop for fresh donuts.  Then, they attended the Fall Festival parade.  They got to the parade early and got good seats on the parade route at the beginning.  This parade features many marching bands from area schools.  Justin was all ready to watch the two Norfolk Catholic bands march because at preschool they had watched the bands practice marching.  Erica, Ashlin and Justin each received 3/4 of an ice cream bucket of candy from the parade.  Next, Grandpa Bob took them to lunch at McDonald's.  But, he told them they had to be home in time for the Nebraska game which kicked off at 2:30.  Throughout the day, they also played numerous games of cards, specifically Golf.  Lastly, Grandpa took them out for supper at Dairy Queen.  I had not planned for them to eat out that much, but I guess no one wanted to cook.  I think everyone had a great time and can't wait for Grandpa Bob's turn to watch them again.

Take care,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spinning Challenge

The local YMCA and Pepsi are holding a cycling challenge for six weeks.  Each competitor may record the miles cycled once each day after taking a cycling class.  Prizes are then awarded for each 100 miles cycled.  Some of the prizes being awarded are Pepsi products, water bottles, and t-shirts.  The challenge started the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Keith and I are both participating.  Since we are both taking cycling classes anyway, we might as well record our miles and win a few prizes.

Both of us cycle three days a week.  We cycle on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings.  Keith cycles on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:15 a.m. and I cycle all three days at the 8:30 a.m. class time.  The classes have been really full lately with many people participating in classes and many riders making the transition back from outside riding to inside riding.  The instructors say that in the 45 minute class time you can burn between 400 and 600 calories and ride 15 or more miles.  Usually I burn between 400 and 500 calories and ride 15 to 17 miles.  Not bad for 45 minutes of exercise.  The time flies by and I leave the class drenched in sweat from head to toe.  Hopefully I start winning some prizes soon.

Take care,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nebraska State Fair - Part II

One of the best things about attending any fair is to find the best and outstanding exhibits, but along the way you also come across some of the most unbelievable and outlandish exhibits.  Following are a few exhibits that caught our eyes as we wandered around the State Fair.
 Under a big tent was a huge pile of sand, carved into the sand were all things that Nebraska is known for.  In this photo you can see an ear of corn, a piece of steak, and the Nebraska State Capital building.  Some other items carved included: a Nebraska license plate, a pig, a dairy cow, etc.
 This huge pig was made out of cans of Bush's baked beans. 
 This is the twig lady.  She was covered in twigs, leaves and face paint while walking on stilts.  She blended right into the wall.  Many people were gathered around watching her pose and snapping photos.

 This is a photo of the largest steer in the State of Nebraska.  This steer weighs in at 3,000 pounds.  It eats 60-70 pounds of feed per day and is 4 years old.  We could view this steer for free, but you had to pay $2 to view the smallest horse.  We didn't pay the $2 to see the horse.
 Justin waited patiently for his chance to pet this bucket calf.  He touched the calf and then walked away and told me how soft the calf felt.
 A new thing at the fair this year was a sky tram.  You could ride the tram one way for $8 for adults and $3 for kids.  We also skipped riding the sky tram because the sky tram only traveled about two blocks or less (what a rip off).
The kids all got a cup of Roberts ice cream inside the 4-H building for $1 a piece.  This huge Roberts cow was on display outside the 4-H building.  Grandpa Korth hauls ice cream for Roberts dairy and the guy working the ice cream booth even knew Grandpa.

Take care,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nebraska State Fair - Part I

The computer has not been working very well.  It was running very slow!!!  Therefore, we were without a computer for about a week while it was getting fixed.  As a consequence, I was not able to post any happenings at this household.

Cara with her blue ribbon Hydrangeas.
 During the Labor Day weekend, we took the kids to the Nebraska State Fair.  We have not attended the State Fair for a few years.  The State Fair used to be held in Lincoln, but a few years ago the fair was moved to Grand Island.  Both Cara and Erica had 4-H items that qualified to be exhibited at the State Fair and they wanted to see how they placed.
 Grandma Korth won best in county at the Pierce County Fair on this cross-stitch picture and she sent it to the fair as an entry against all the other best in county exhibits.  She didn't win a prize, but she still got to exhibit in the best in county contest.
 Cara received three blue ribbons at the State Fair.  She received blue ribbons on her snack recipe box, perennial flowers (hydrangeas), and her chemistry dyed t-shirt.
Erica received a purple ribbon on her Kool-Aid dyed silk scarf.  This photo does not do this silk scarf justice, it is beautiful in person.

Take care,