Monday, March 31, 2014

Staff Appreciation Week

 All of last week was Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week at school.  The theme for the week was "Super Heroes".  The commons area was decorated with night city scenes and red telephone booths.  The students could leave treats/gifts for the teachers/staff all week in their pots outside their classrooms.  The teachers & staff were treated to lunch one day and a popcorn bar another day.  The students and staff were treated to cupcakes one day also.  Each staff member also received a $25 gift card to Target.
 The week ended on Friday with a elementary school assembly filled with games for the teachers and staff to participate in.  First up was a super hero relay race.  First each person had to put on a pair of glasses, a tie, and a suit coat.  Then pick up a brief case and enter a red phone booth to change into a super hero.
 Upon exiting the phone booth, each super hero had to leap over a building and then throw three rocks of kryptonite into a bucket.
 Next, ride a scooter between some buildings and end by building a structure six boxes high.
 All the participants were cheered on by the students in the bleachers.
 Next up, was a game of moving four rocks of kryptonite from one bucket to another, but you could only use two sticks to pick them up and move them.  If you look close you will see me moving my kryptonite.

 Then was a game of flinging balloons through the air and being caught in butterfly nets by your partner.  This was a tough and challenging game.
 Last was to throw hula hoops onto the blow-up boxing super hero.  They had to get eight hula hoops on the super hero.
 The finale' was a grand prize drawing of a gift donated by a local business.  Mrs. Moore's name was drawn and she was shocked at the prize of two tickets to see Jake Owen this summer during the Divots Summer Concert Series.
It was such a fun week!  It was a great way to bring in Spring and beat the cold, winter blahs.

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  1. Wow -- so fun! What great ideas! Have a good week!!

  2. Love staff appreciation week! It looks like you had such a great time!

  3. Look at all those excited kids!!!!!! What a fun event. Well done.....the staff had a blast, too!