Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Scoop-Part II

 Justin started wrestling last week and had practice on Tuesday and Thursday night.  Then on Friday night, we took him to the Creighton Little Kids Wrestling Tournament.  Cousin Zac was in the locker room for his weigh-in of 45.2 pounds.  Zac asked Justin if he was ready to wrestle.  Uncle Randy was up on the stage and got Justin in the right bracket and on to the Mat #1 to compete.
 First match was against a wrestler from Crofton.  This little boy knew exactly what to do and was experienced.  Justin hung tough.  He rolled over from his back to his tummy to avoid the pin.  He tried to keep his shoulders off the mat.

 But, in the 3rd period, Justin was pinned by the other wrestler.  Justin was so mad that he had a few tears.  But, Dad told him to shake the other wrestler's hand, shake the other coach's hand, and to dry his tears because he had to wrestle another kid shortly.
 Next up was a little boy from Hartington Cedar Catholic.  Justin wrestled his little heart out.  He was aggressive and kept trying to roll the other boy over.
 This time Justin came out with a win by points.  He was smiling after this match.
Justin's highlight of the night was getting his 3rd place medal.  He was very happy and full of smiles.  Wrestling is not easy and he was exhausted afterwards.  Zac missed Justin's matches because he was dealing with blood issues on another mat, but we got a photo with him before we headed for home.  Uncle Randy was busy on the stage setting up brackets for the next rounds and announcing the winners.

Thanks for inviting Justin to his first wrestling tournament! 

Take care,