Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Scoop-Part I

 Erica has been spending her weekends running up and down the basketball court competing in basketball tournaments.  Most tournaments Norfolk Catholic has two 5th Grade teams because of the number of girls playing.  Each week the girls are mixed up again and teams are changed.
 So far this club season, she has played in the YMCA tournament, Wayne tournament, Hartington CC tournament, and the David City tournament.  I'm not sure if we have one or two tournaments left. 
Erica scoring her first two points of the season.
 Erica started off the season as just being comfortable on defense.  But, as the season has progressed she has started to shoot the ball.  At the Wayne tournament she scored her first two points and it gave her the confidence to shoot more often.
The smile on her face was huge after scoring two points.
 In Hartington, she lit up the nets with 8 points in one game.  She even hit two free throws that game.  In David City, she didn't score any points, but it was tough for our girls competing against a taller 6th grade team from Wahoo.  They also played Seward and David City in the tournament.  It was a tournament against different schools than what they have seen in other tournaments.

 It was a weekend filled with sports and sitting on bleachers.  Friday night and Saturday morning we had little kids wrestling followed up with basketball and volleyball on Sunday.
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  1. You will be ready for a back massage after all that time sitting on the bleachers. Looks like she is having a great time.