Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cara's Basketball Season is Over

Cara's basketball season was finally over a couple weeks ago.  It was the longest sport season!  She has been practicing basketball since October.  First, she played 7th Grade junior high basketball and then she moved right into club basketball at school.
 Since the 7th grade girls had to play up with the 8th grade girls for club ball, Cara spent a lot of time sitting the bench.  She went to practices and tournaments, but did not get to play hardly at all during club games.
 As parents, we made her finish the season and stick it out because once you start something you finish it.  It was a long season and she was so ready for it to be over.
 The last tournament was at our school.  Emma #36 and Cara both did not want to even go to the tournament that day, but as parents we made them go.  When they finally got to go in, as a parent I was shocked and had my camera ready for a few last photos of the season.
 After not being able to play last year because of her wrist being broken, this season she started slow.  It took her awhile to get aggressive and learn and practice fundamentals.  She improved throughout the season.
 She has definitely learned to play better defense and to use her long arms and legs. 
 Cara got a rebound in this photo and she is holding on to the ball protecting it from the other team.
The #50 on the Eagles team is Lexi.  Cara and Lexi used to be in dance together for years.  To have them defending each other, was a friendship renewed on the court. 

Cara has already moved on to volleyball.  She played four games last Sunday in Columbus.  The 7th Grade girls won 4 sets and lost 4 sets.  Mid-March she will start going to track practice.  She is already planning sports camps for the summer.

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  1. Such a great athlete!! Sounds like lots of fun sports coming up too! Enjoy!

  2. That IS a long season. We're about to enter nearly 3 months of Tball and Baseball for our littles. Wish me luck!

  3. I agree. Basketball was a long season for us too! I'm always ready for the next sport! At least you get to add wrestling to the mix!