Friday, March 7, 2014

Sidney's 14th Birthday!

These three girls, Emma, Sidney and Cara have become such good friends over the course of this school year.  Sidney is in 8th Grade and Emma and Cara are 7th Graders.  But, the junior high girls usually have practices at the same time.  Their parents and siblings have also become better friends.  We all have many years to come of sitting in bleachers together.
The girls' last basketball tournament also happened to be Sidney's 14th Birthday.  Sidney's Mom, Tina, brought treats for the team to eat after the last game.

Bailey is Sidney's youngest sister, who also happens to be in Justin's class.  Bailey is like another little sister to Cara.
These two have been together since Preschool.  But, this year they have really become good friends. 
During basketball season, they both play down low.  During volleyball, Emma is a setter while Cara is a hitter.  Emma sets the ball to Cara for the spike.
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