Thursday, March 13, 2014

Columbus League 7th Grade Volleyball

Cara and six of her 7th Grade classmates are participating in a volleyball league in Columbus.  Every Sunday in March they play four games from noon to 3:00.  The games are 25 minutes long, consisting of 2 sets to 15 points.  Their record is kept on number of sets won and lost.
Last Sunday our household was up early head to David City for 5th Grade basketball.  Add in the time change, and it was even earlier and everyone was tired.  After the first basketball game, Becky, Emma, Cara and I headed to Columbus for volleyball.  During the first week of volleyball the girls finished 4-4.  On Sunday, Coach Fischer told the girls that the goal for the day was to finish above .500.  These girls did not disappoint finishing the day 7 and 1!

In this photo, notice how double-jointed Cara's arms are.
The girls usually spend a little bit of time warming up between games.  When the girls are not playing a game, they are scheduled to be the refs for another game.  It helps them learn the game a little better.
This last Sunday the girls won by forfeit over Norfolk Public.  Then they played a Columbus Lakeview team and won two sets.  Next, they played against a Columbus Scotus team and won two sets.  The Norfolk Catholic girls are usually intimidated by the Columbus Scotus girls, but on Sunday they fought and won.  Columbus Scotus is known for a having great volleyball teams and winning high school championships in the state of Nebraska. Lastly, the girls played a team from Columbus Middle School splitting sets with them.

The girls played much better this weekend than the first weekend.  They served better, passed better, had fewer dropped balls, and fought every point and every win.  You know it is a good day when the parents are high fiving in the stands and everyone is wearing smiles!
These six girls are showing so much improvement from volleyball last fall.  We'll see how things go this Sunday when they hit the court again.
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  1. Wow -- you are a busy sports family! Maddy's arms are double-jointed too -- so cute!

  2. Oh my word! You guys are soooo busy! I don't know how you do it! Glad you are having loads of fun despite the crappy time change!