Friday, March 28, 2014

What a 6-year old thinks about!

Justin and I were driving the home the other day after dropping Cara off at track practice and this is how part of our conversation went.

Justin:  Mom, why does Grandpa Korth have horses?

Me:  I think he just likes horses.  Why?

Justin:  Horses don't give you anything?

Me:  What do you mean?

Justin:  Well, chickens make you eggs.  Some cows give you milk and some you can eat.  But, horses give you nothing.  They just poop all over.

Me:  (laughing)  Well, we'll have to tell Grandpa to think about this.

Justin:  Okay, you call and tell him.

A while later I called Grandma Korth and told her about this little conversation.  She had a good laugh and said that she would tell Grandpa that horses give you nothing and explain.

Sometimes I wonder how his little brain works.  Another part of the conversation was about what he should be when he grew up.  Justin is considering a job at McDonalds or an artist because he likes to draw mice.  I told him that I think he would be good at building things because he likes to build with Legos.  He told me that he would think about it some more.  I told him that he had a while to think since he is only in Kindergarten.

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