Monday, April 7, 2014

Wayne Wrestling Tournament

I am behind on posting.  Keith started on a big project and hasn't had a day off in about 2 weeks.  Therefore, I am the parent in charge of running kids, meals, homework, etc.  As a result, I am behind.
 The last weekend in March was very busy.  We had Erica playing basketball in West Point on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  Justin wrestling in Wayne on Saturday morning.  Cara playing volleyball in Columbus on Sunday.
 Justin had a tough last day of wrestling.  We got to Wayne and he weighed in at 44.6 pounds.  Cara, Grandma Korth and I were there to cheer him on.  He was placed in the bracket of 41-44 pounds.  I was thinking good bracket since he was at the top of the weight. 
 The first match is about to start and Justin starts crying and refusing to go on the mat.  I am talking to him, the coach is talking to him, another dad is trying to coax him, the ref is talking, and a guy running the tournament was trying.  Finally, we get him on the mat and he kills a kid from Battle Creek 10-0.  One win and two matches to go.
 He sits down and starts crying again.  I was bribing him with candy, McDonalds, etc and nothing was working.  He keeps crying and telling me that he just wants to forfeit and go home.
 Nothing was working and he ended up forfeiting his next two matches.  I made him shake both kids hands and tell them "good job" because he must learn sportsmanship.  As soon as he forfeited the last match, he stopped crying and even smiled on the medal stand with his 4th place medal.
 I know he could have won this tournament because the kid that Justin beat 10-0 in his first match ended up placing first.  I was so confused why he was crying and refused to wrestle.  He had done such a good job all season.  Later as we were leaving, Justin said to me, "I am not going to tell you why I wouldn't wrestle."
But later that night after getting home from basketball, Justin and Keith were having a talk and Justin told Keith, "I couldn't wrestle today because you weren't there to watch."  End of story and end of season.  I wish we could have ended on a better note, but he is ready to move on to track.

Take care,


  1. Single parenting is never fun! Boo hoo!

    Poor little guy! You aren't the only one missing Keith! HA HA!

    Hooray for track season!

  2. Ahhhh -- Dad's are so important aren't they. On to track! Good luck buddy!