Monday, March 3, 2014

Little Kids Wrestling

We have a very excited little boy at our house.  Last Thursday, Dad took him to the meeting to sign up for little kids wrestling at school.  Justin got to try on and bring home a Norfolk Catholic Knights singlet.  He starts practice this week and is going to Creighton on Friday for a tournament and has the Norfolk Catholic tournament on Saturday.  Justin weighed in at a whopping 44.9 pounds.

He is so excited that he gets to compete in a sport again instead of sitting in a gym watching his sisters compete.  We are sure that there may be a few tears shed when he loses or gets taken down, but hopefully he has fun and learns to compete and show sportsmanship by both winning and losing.  His three older sisters may turn out to be his best and biggest supporters.  They are excited to see him compete also.

He has been wearing his singlet around the house and the first night he wanted to wear it to bed.  We hope this is a great experience for Justin!

Take care,


  1. So cute that he is so excited about wrestling. I hope he has a great season.

  2. So cute that Justin has a new career! He looks sooo excited!

  3. I love that he wanted to wear it to bed. So cute!

    Happy Mardi Gras tomorrow to a fellow Catholic family!