Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Norfolk Catholic Takedown Club Wrestling Tournament

Yes, I am still blogging this week about sporting events that the kids took part in last weekend.
 Saturday morning, Justin had to weigh-in between 8:00 and 8:30 to wrestle in the Norfolk Catholic Takedown Club Wrestling Tournament.  This was our home tournament and Justin was excited.  He was up bright and early and ready to wrestle.  He weighed in on Saturday morning at 45.8 pounds.
 First, Justin wrestled Zach, a Kindergartner in Justin's class.  Justin almost got pinned Zach, but didn't quite get there.  He won by points though.  Justin was aggressive and kept trying to score points.

 Next, Justin had to wrestle a kid from Columbus Lakeview.  Justin fought hard, but lost by getting pinned.
 Last, Justin wrestled a very experienced kid from Neligh Oakdale.  This kid picked Justin up and through Justin and himself down on the mat.  Justin got pinned.  That match left Justin in tears and very mad. 
 Wrestling may be tough, but Justin is learning sportsmanship.  Before every match he has to shake the opponents hand and after every match he has to shake hands with the opponent and the opponent's coach.  Justin has not given up and keeps fighting until the whistle blows.  He even wants to wrestle in a few more tournaments.
 Justin placed 3rd in his bracket and received another medal.  He paid $1 to have his medal engraved on the back with his name, the date, and how much he weighed. 
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  1. I just can't get over how cute they are in their outfits!!!!! So precious.

    ps - We're headed to Jack's first confession in about an hour. Pray for us! :)

    1. Sending prayers! Does he have to go face-to-face or behind the screen? Tell him to make it short and sweet.

  2. Wow -- yay Justin -- he's such a good little beginning wrestler!