Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No Training Wheels!

Since the weather has finally turned nice, Justin has been begging Dad to take the training wheels off his bike.  Yesterday, Dad gave in and took them off.  Dad told Justin to wait a minute while he put his tools away and he would help Justin get started and hold on to the back.  Justin didn't want to wait and took off.  Less than 30 seconds later and the photo above shows that he didn't need Dad's help.  Two minutes later, Justin was riding around the block by himself.  Now, it looks like Justin needs a new bike! 

Take care,


  1. Wow -- way to go Justin! Took someone (not mentioning names) at my house a LONG time to master that skill! I agree and do think he could use a new bike-- that boy has been growing!

  2. No way! That is awesome! We are just now teaching Kamree and it hasn't been easy! She is short and heavy! UGH!

  3. Logan did same thing a few years ago. Way to go Justin!