Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Wizard of Oz

 Last weekend the Norfolk Catholic Players presented "The Wizard of Oz" on Friday and Saturday night for the public's enjoyment.  The play was packed both nights with people, especially parents with their children.  The high school students did a wonderful job. The sets were truly outstanding.
Justin with the Lion, Alex Maguire.
 Kids were invited to dress up as their favorite character from the movie.  Afterwards, kids were invited up on stage to get their photos taken with characters and to get autographs.  Justin was all ready to get his photo taken with many of the actors.  First, Justin wanted to get his photo taken with the Lion.  When he approached the Lion, he then got scared until Lynne, Justin's daycare provider, reminded Justin that the Lion was just Alex, Lynne's son.
 Next, Justin found Preston Eisenmenger.  Preston played a munchkin and a person of Oz.  Preston and three of his brothers were in the play.  The Eisenmenger family lives directly on the block over from us. 
 Justin with Elliot Eisenmenger.
 Justin with the Tin Man, Hunter Eisenmenger.
 Justin and Keaton Eisenmenger
 The Scarecrow, Wade Ronspies, with Justin.
Justin with Brittany Kelberlau
 Justin insisted on getting his photo with one of the flying monkeys.  He thought they were funny when they went out into the audience and searched for Dorothy.
 Justin was scared of the Wicked Witch until he realized that it was just Geena Piper.  Then, he was ready for a photo.
 He was definitely not scared of Glinda, the good witch.  Therese Lux played the perfect good witch.
This group of 6th graders showed up to watch Elliot and Raymond perform in the play on Friday night.  We told them this photo will probably show up someday on their Senior Class video at graduation.  They just laughed.

Later after Justin was finished with getting his picture taken with the cast, I realized that many of the leads in the play have been to our house to babysit.  These teens did an awesome job acting, singing and babysitting my kids: Keaton, Hunter, Therese, Geena, and Alex.  So proud of the whole cast for a wonderful performance.

On a side note, Justin would not get his photo taken with Dorothy.  But, he wanted to get his photo taken with Toto.  Toto was played by a real dog and did a great performance.  Toto had left after the performance to rest.

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