Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Children's Health Education Carnival

The nursing students at the college sponsored a Children's Health Education Carnival a few weeks ago.  I signed up Erica, Ashlin and Justin to attend.  They received goody bags and t-shirts for pre-registering. 
First, I took Ashlin and Justin to the health carnival because Erica had volleyball.  We arrived at the start of the carnival because I wasn't for sure how long it would take to complete.
Erica learning about water safety at the YMCA booth.
  The carnival had 15 booths set up and ran by businesses or students from the college.  Some of the booths promoted: water safety, pet safety, proper hand washing, fire safety, eating healthy foods, first aid, calling 911, etc.
 The kids got to listen to a baby's heart beat and to the baby breathing from a nursing student.
 Ashlin getting her back checked for scoliosis from a physical therapist.
 After completing a game or activity at each booth, you received a ticket and they also marked your map with a star.  After stopping at all 15 booths, you then got to enter for prizes.  At the end, two clowns were making balloon hats, dogs, and swords.  Each child received: a prize, a healthy snack, and a bottle of water for participating.  There were also bouncy houses for the kids to enjoy.
Justin practicing bicycle safety and navigating the course.
We didn't win any big prizes, but the kids learned quite a bit about different kinds of safety.

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  1. What a great event for the kids. Our community holds a family health day with lots of health checks and fun events.

  2. What a fun health fair! It looks like everyone had a great time!

    See you this weekend!