Thursday, April 11, 2013

Musketeer Hockey

 Last Friday night we took the kids to Sioux City to watch their first hockey game.  We had purchased the tickets at a benefit fundraiser for Isaac Pfeifer, our football player with the spine injury.  We purchased 4 hockey or baseball tickets and a night stay at a hotel.  The guy donated the tickets gave us six hockey tickets for the night.
 Friday night the Sioux City Musketeers hosted the Tri City Storm in the hockey game.  The game only had 2213 people in attendance.  The arena was not even half full.  The game was attended by mostly kids, especially birthday parties.  We had seats at center ice behind the benches.
 Justin must have asked at least 100 questions in the first five minutes after having a seat.  He watched the game intently and asked sooo many questions.
 After the first period, the ice was cleaned and some fan games occurred on the ice.
 Erica and Justin were waving to get a t-shirt shot at them.  Actually, one shirt ended up falling a few rows in front of us.

The kids got really excited during the last period when a few fights broke out.  Cara even recorded one on her I-pod to show her friends.  The final score was 8-1 with the Musketeers winning.  It was a great family outing and may be one that we do again in the future.

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