Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kindergarten Here We Come!

Justin and his friend, Andy, playing with the counting bears.
 Justin has been waiting for Kindergarten for what seems forever!  He has been counting the months and days until he gets to go to Kindergarten.  Finally, last Friday afternoon Justin's wait was over and he got to attend Kindergarten Round-Up.  He was so excited to go to round-up. 
 Right now there are 60 children registered for next fall's Kindergarten class at Sacred Heart.  The three Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Simon and Mrs. Bowder are excited for the next group of students.  For many of these students it will be an easy transition from Preschool to Kindergarten because most of them attend Preschool at Sacred Heart.
 Since all of the afternoon preschoolers are going to Kindergarten next fall, I had the opportunity to help with round-up.  I picked Mrs. Bowder's room where Justin was.  First, Mrs. Bowder read the children a Bible story about Noah's Ark.  Then each student colored an animal mask and colored a Noah's Ark picture that they attached animal stickers to. Then they got to have a cookie for a snack. 
 Next, the students learned a song about Noah's Ark to sing with actions to their parents wearing their animal masks that they colored.  It was a cute song, but long for the kids to learn.  They each knew the chorus of the song though.
Justin had a great time!  Afterwards he said, "Know I'm really in Kindergarten!".  On the way home, Justin and Dad stopped at McDonalds to pick up some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies as a treat.

It was a downer yesterday when I told Justin that he still had to go to Preschool for a few more weeks.  I can't believe that he has grown up this fast and will really be heading off to Kindergarten in the fall.  He really is growing up!

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  1. Justin must be over the moon to be heading to Kindergarten next year! He has been waiting patiently for soooo long! I bet he doesn't have the Kindergarten Blues like Kamree did! HA HA!

  2. Aww, so happy he is excited, hopefully it stays that way.