Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring YMCA Volleyball

 Sometimes playing YMCA sports can be hard because the teams are not always divided up the best.  Even though each player is evaluated on her skill level, sometimes the teams are still not the best.  We tell the girls to play their best and just work on improving their skills, do not worry about winning or losing.
 This was Cara's last YMCA volleyball league.  In the fall, she will move on to junior high and sports at her school.  She has played YMCA volleyball since the 3rd grade.  At this point, her serve is her best skill.  Cara serves way behind the service line with a lot of power.  She has to remember not to rush and to keep her arm straight, but many girls know to look out when Cara is serving.
 Cara's teamwork has improved along with her passing skills also.  She was not a fan of the YMCA run program this year, but she finished the season, met a few new friends and did not give up.  She wants to attend a youth volleyball camp this summer for two days at Wayne State College. 

 Erica finished her first season of both fall and spring volleyball at the YMCA.  She improved greatly from last fall to the spring.
 Her overhand serve is inconsistent, but improving.  She gets tired, but then she serves underhand. 
 Erica's bumping skills also improved since the fall.  She was never afraid of calling out for the ball.  Erica's team this spring was known for all of their "high fives", giggling and words of encouragement for each other.  Erica had fun and is ready to try again in the fall.  Erica will be joined in the fall at volleyball by Ashlin.  Volleyball at the YMCA starts at 3rd grade and in the fall Ashlin will be old enough.  Ashlin has already started to practice her skills in the driveway.
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  1. Hooray for volleyball! Cara looks like a natural behind the net! Kamree really loves it too, however, she doesn't have a coach yet! I certainly hope our season gets better! HA HA!