Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Conner's Track & Field Day

Conner getting ready to throw the softball.
 Our nephew, Conner, participated in the Special Olympics track and field day last Friday.  Keith and Cara went to Wayne to cheer for Conner and the other athletes.  It was a beautiful day for a track meet with Keith and Cara both coming home with sunburns.  
 Conner got to participate in three events at the track meet.  Conner was in the softball throw, the 100 M dash and a relay.  Keith said that students from Wayne State College and many volunteers helped with the event.  Cara even commented that some Wayne Public School's students came over to the track with their classes to cheer on the athletes.  Keith said that one athlete from Wayne had his class come over and hold up signs for him.
 Conner running the 100 meter dash.
 Many of the athletes waved at the crowd during the meet.  There were two athletes from Bloomfield participating in the Special Olympics.
 Conner running his leg of the relay.

Conner receiving his trophy.
 Each athlete receives a trophy for his/her accomplishments that day!
 All of the athletes with their trophies.
Conner proudly displaying his trophy!  Keith and Cara both said that it was a great day at the track.  Keith can't wait for next year's meet.  We are all so proud of you Conner!

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  1. What a special day! I am sure the sunburn was worth it!

  2. What a great event! So glad Keith and Cara could be there to cheer Conner on!