Friday, April 19, 2013

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

 Last week was Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week at school.  The theme this year was Candyland.  The school was decorated accordingly with many colorful decorations.
 Each day there was something planned for the staff to enjoy and feel appreciated.  This candy bar was set up in a side room and staff could choose candy whenever they wanted.
 On Monday, the staff was treated to birthday treats for the staff members celebrating birthdays during the month of April.  Thursday the staff received a lunch brought in by the Home & School Association.  Friday, there was a dessert bar in the workroom.  The food was overwhelming throughout the week.
 Each staff member has a bucket outside the classroom for students to put treats, cards, flowers, etc. for the staff member of their choosing.  I received many treats and gift cards throughout the week from students.
 These two ladies, Kim Sullivan and Helen Snodgrass planned the whole week and did a wonderful job. 
 On Friday at the end of the day, the students and staff all gathered in the gym for the final festivities of the week.  The staff and students were picked to play "Minute to Win it" games.  First up for a game were Mrs. Arens, 4th grade teacher, and Mr. Berryman, principal.  Each staff member chosen also picked two students to help in the game.  The first game was attempting to stack 7 snack cakes on the head.  The scoreboard served as the stop watch and was set for 1 minute.
 Next up were Mrs. Pfeifer, 2nd grade, and Mrs. Bowder, Kindergarten.  Their game was to bounce a ping pong ball up onto a table and land on a piece of bread spread with peanut butter.
 Mrs. Pfeifer was successful in landing a ping pong ball on a piece of peanut butter bread.
 The next game involved trying to get a cookie from the forehead down into the mouth and to eat the cookie.  Mr. Wilcox, janitor, and Mrs. McCormick, 1st Grade, were the staff participants.  Mr. Wilcox was successful in eating a cookie.
 Another game pitted the two 6th Grade teachers, Mrs. Wolf and Mr. Korth, against each other in a frantic race to separate a cup of M&M's by color in one minute.
 The last game involved a two pieces of string placed behind the ears.  In the middle of the string were two pencils taped together.  Five M&M's were placed on the pencils and the teachers had to raise the pencils by pulling on the string and eating the M&M's.  Mrs. Miller, 1st Grade, and Ms. Freese, PE, were chosen to give the game a try.
Off and on between games, staff members were drawn for a chance to do a punch on a board to win prizes.  In this photo, I am getting to pick a color to punch.  I did not win a prize, but I did get a chocolate candy bar out of it.  The week was so much fun for the staff and the students.  Helen and Kim did an outstanding job again at putting the week together.

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  1. Wow! What a great week! Our PTO does a similar week here and it's soooo much fun!

  2. What a great week. Our PTO usually provides lunch for us.