Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Refrigerator Chaos

How many refrigerator fronts look like this one? Our refrigerator door is filled with many flyers and notices that I'm not sure what to do.  

Currently on our refrigerator front we have:
 * a few photos
* a flyer for Muffins with Mom which is next Wednesday
* an flyer inviting Justin to Kindergarten Round-up on Friday
* 2 flyers regarding the 4th Grade field trip to Lincoln which is next Thursday.  I am one of the lucky parents going on the trip with the students.
* Ashlin's list of spelling words for the week
* Erica's list of spelling words for the week
* a YMCA group fitness schedule
* two wedding invitations
* Justin's youth track practice schedule
* Justin's baseball practice and game schedule
* Ashlin's schedule for First Communion this weekend and a photo order form for pictures
* numerous magnets
* a phone number that I can't lose
* a paper for a shopping list

Seriously, I can't get rid of anything.  Some of these flyers will be gone this week, but they will be replaced by new ones I'm sure.  I didn't take a photo of the side of the refrigerator which has a school calendar of events for the month, the lunch menu, preschool snack schedule, school phone numbers, and a list of class parties for each child.  I'm not sure how else to organize this mess!  After an event is over, the flyer comes down.  We often run out of magnets to hold everything.  Someday, in the distant future, we will have a clean front of the refrigerator when all of the children are gone.

How do you organize all of the flyers for activities?

Take care,


  1. We have a series of bulletin boards in our hallway. Still cluttered with chaos, though!

  2. Lots of stuff on our refridge too! It's never ending! :)

  3. I would put bulletin boards in your mud area! We have one big one in our new mud area and it is the perfect place for it! Otherwise, you could do four smaller ones -- one for each kid!