Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Volleyball Camp

Summer volleyball camp was held a few weeks ago and Cara wouldn't have missed it for anything. Although, she did have to miss one day due to it being entry day at the county fair.

Caoch Borgmann on the last day of camp gave each participant an award for their achievements and improvements over the course of the camp. Cara was in the group of 4th, 5th and 6th graders. Coach Borgmann made a comment that Cara continues to improve in her skills and hustle while adding inches to her height.

Cara wished the volleyball camp would have lasted longer, but all good things must come to an end. Now she is looking forward to fall volleyball.

Take care,


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stategic Air & Space Museum

One afternoon while camping we headed next door to the Strategic Air & Space Museum. Keith really wanted to see this museum of the history of the airplanes used by the US.

Keith, Cara, Erica and Justin posing outside the museum.

The kids all played in a small kiddie area in the museum. Then I took each of their pictures with this astronaut cut-out.

The traveling exhibit right now at the museum was an exhibit of John Wayne. John Wayne never served in the US armed forces, but he played a military acting role in many films. This area may have been my favorite.

After walking through two hangers of numerous airplanes and space capsules, the kids and I had enough. Keith could have stayed much longer and read the signs about each aircraft, but the kids were bored.

The kids loved looking at the vehicles in the parking lot to see what state everyone was visiting from. They did the same thing at the campgrounds.

Take care,


Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping Trip

Keith is on vacation for two weeks, so last week we left on Monday for another camping trip for a few days. We decided to go to Mahoney State Park which is by Ashland, Nebraska. Ashland is a small town located between Lincoln and Omaha just off the interstate.

Our campsite was close to the bathrooms and partially shaded. The weather was HOT, HOT, HOT. Everyday the temperature was in the upper 90's with the heat index over 100. Good thing that the camper had air conditioning. We took all of the bikes so that we could explore the trails in the park. We also took walks on a 6-mile trail loop the park has set up. During our walks we saw wild turkeys and a few deer.

The kids insisted that we try out the paddle boats. Justin and I rode in one paddle boat with Keith and the girls in the other. Justin's boat was faster but harder to steer. It was so hot and humid that the kids couldn't wait to get off of the boats.

The state park also had a water park which we all thought was AWESOME. The water park had a wave pool, regular pool, kiddie area, and slides. Plus, you only had to be 36 inches tall to go down the big slides. Justin and Ashlin thought this was the best because for once they were tall enough to go down the big slides. Their favorite area was the wave pool though. They all jumped waves for forever. Justin now loves to go under water since experiencing the wave pool. I don't have any photos from the water park because I feared for my camera.

Keith and Cara at the top of a 70 foot look out tower over the Platte River. We all (except for Ashlin) climbed to the top to look around.

These geese hung out around the small lake for the paddle boats. Justin and Ashlin fed them bread one morning and the geese would follow them around. But remember to watch where you walk!

After camping for three nights, we headed back home on Thursday. We were all hot and tired and ready to sleep in our own beds. But, we will definitely be back to enjoy that water park again.

Take care,


Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Softball

Cara and Erica both played City Recreation Softball this summer. Cara played on the red team sponsored by the Norfolk Morning Kiwanis. Cara's age group plays coach pitched games.

This last Monday night Cara's team won the championship game 13-12. Unfortunately, we were gone on vacation and Cara missed the game. But, we heard that the game was exciting right down to the last out.

Erica's age group plays t-ball. Erica played on the green team which was sponsored by Insurance Associates. The t-ball teams do not keep score during the game. The program is pushing sportsmanship and learning fundamentals instead of winning and losing.

Both of the girls improved in fielding fundamentals and hitting skills as the season progressed. They learned to play many different positions because each inning you play a different position.

The girls played games twice a week. They played Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. I am glad their games were always back-to-back, but two hours at the ball field is still long to sit. We can hardly wait until next year when Ashlin can start playing and we will be at the fields for 3 hours each time.

Take care,


Monday, July 18, 2011

Coloring Contest Winner

Every May we sign up for the summer reading program at the Norfolk Public Library. When you sign up, they give you a list of all the activities that the library has planned for the summer. The best part is all of the activities are free. One of the activities this year was a coloring contest. The 2nd place winner in the 5-6 year old age group was Ashlin.

Her coloring page is the middle picture on the top row. As a prize she received a whole bag of goodies from the library. Ashlin loves to color so a coloring contest was just right for her. Congrats Ashlin!

Take care,


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zac's Graduation Party

A few weeks after Zac's college graduation his Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sandy hosted a party in his honor at their home. They live by Davey in a beautiful home on an acreage. This was a chance for both sides of the family and few friends to congratulate Zac on his accomplishment. All my girls cared about (or so it seemed) was that Zac's sister, Holly, would be in attendance. They hadn't seen her in months and they love her to death.

Holly took Cara, Erica, Kamree and Justin out on the paddle boat on the pond.

More paddle boat fun.

Kevin and Sandy also have a pool in their backyard which was a total hit because it was such a hot day. The kids were all loving the cool pool. Ashlin thought it was awesome that she could swim and also touch the bottom.

Erica helping Justin swim in the pool.

It was a great afternoon spent watching the kids have fun, visiting with everyone, and enjoying all of the good food.

Take care,


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zac's College Graduation

As the marquee on the Orpheum Theatre proclaims, The 2011 Class of Briar Cliff graduated on Saturday, May 21st at 10 a.m. Keith, Cara, and I left Norfolk bright and early to attend Zac's college graduation. Keith attended Holly's college graduation and he wanted to be there to see Zac get his college diploma as well. The Orpheum Theatre is located in downtown Sioux City and the inside of the theatre is just beautiful.

The street in front of the theatre was blocked off for the reception afterwards. The college had a tent set up to serve refreshments after commencement.

We were sitting up in the balcony so this photo isn't the best. But, Zac is about halfway back standing between two ladies. It took us awhile to spot him since we were so far away, but we were in the building. The graduating class was addressed by both a traditional student and a non-traditional student. Both students gave good speeches and so did the president of the college.

After graduation, we all had to pose for photos with the graduate. Zac posing with his dad, Randy, and his brother, Eli.

Zac with his Grandma and Grandpa Kliment. Zac received his teaching degree in history. He has to student teach the fall semester and then he will be a certified teacher.

Keith and Cara posing with Zac.

After all the photos, drinking lemonade and eating a few cookies, Randy treated us all to lunch at the Texas Roadhouse. After lunch, we went shopping before heading home. A few weeks later, Zac had another party in his honor at his aunt and uncle's home.

Take care,


Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 Madison County Fair - Part II

While Cara was exhibiting in 4-H at the county fair, I was exhibiting in the open class division. I took 33 entries to the fair which may be the most I have ever taken to the fair. I took 15 baking entries, 16 floral entries and 2 craft entries. These photos are of some of the flowers that I took to the fair. I placed on all of my floral entries which was very good. You never know what is going to be blooming until the morning of the fair and you go outside to start picking flowers for vases.

Some of these petunias, verbena and day lilies went to the fair. I took pink, burgundy, peach and yellow day lilies to the fair. If I would have had one more day, I also would have entered Easter lilies. But they didn't start to bloom until the morning after the fair started.

These pink snapdragons and the peach roses also were exhibited.

This hanging basket of petunias and some of these jumping violas went also.

I always snip off part of the vine and flowering clematis to exhibit.

The big pot of sweet potato vine and petunias, the smaller pot of the salmon geraniums and bocopa, and some of the dianthus carnations also went to the fair.

In baking, I took six kinds of cookies, three kinds of cake, two kinds of yeast bread and a few other baked items.

Cara also took some leftover baked goods to open class. All three of the girls exhibited a few school art projects as well. It was a good year at the fair.

Take care,


Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Madison County Fair - Part I

The 2011 Madison County Fair was last week Tuesday through Sunday. This was Cara's first year to be a 4-H exhibitor. A few weeks before the fair Cara had to enter all of her non-consumable items (everything except for baking and flowers). Then last week on Wednesday she entered the remaining items. She took 14 items to the fair in 4-H and she received 11 purple ribbons and 3 blue ribbons. That is just awesome for her first year as a 4-H exhibitor.

This photo is of her three sewing project items. She made a pincushion stuffed with coffee grounds, a drawstring laundry bag and a striped pillow. Cara received purple ribbons on all three items.

In her baking project, she took monkey muffins and chocolate chip cookies. She received purple ribbons on both entries. In flowers, she received blue ribbons on her cut annuals (verbena) and cut perennials (roses). On her terrarium she received a purple ribbon. Her water terrarium is also eligible to go to the State Fair. On her craft projects that she made on the project day last winter, she received 5 purples and 1 blue ribbon.

Justin looking at the chickens and the geese in the small animal building.

My sister and nephew were in Nebraska for a week and she enjoyed going to the fair. She took Erica and Ashlin one night to the rodeo and she took Cara to the "Little Big Town" Concert another night. We love to go to the fair and look around at all of the exhibits.

Take care,


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Dance Recital-We Dance Full Out

The theme for this year's dance recital was "We Dance Full Out". The recital worked a little different this year in that we had rehearsal the day of the recital. In years past, this has been a three day affair, but due to the rental increase of the theater, it was all completed in two days. The recital was still 4 hours long, but we had a big break between dances with us only having two dancers this year.

Ashlin getting ready to go on stage.

Cara practicing at rehearsal. She forgot her jean jacket for rehearsal. Cara's danced to the songs "She's A Bad Mama Jama" and "Oh Sheila". She is thinking of trying hip hop dance next year.

Ashlin danced to the numbers "Today Was A Fairytale" and "Be My Baby". Since rehearsal was the day of recital, many of the girls came to rehearsal with rollers in their hair. Ashlin didn't want to wear her rollers, but I knew she had to or her hair would be flat for recital.

Take care,


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lighting fireworks

On the night before the 4th, we had our neighborhood firework lighting. Usually, Scott, Ryan, and Keith light fireworks in the street and the rest of us sit in a driveway and watch.

Ashlin lighting a smoke bomb. She really enjoyed doing sliders that you just rub with the bottom of your shoe to ignite and crackle. She only gets to light a few small items.

We told Justin that he had to wear tennis shoes so that his feet would not get burned by the sparks or hot debris. He was so excited for the show to begin and couldn't wait for it to get dark outside.

Keith and Erica enjoying some of the pre-festivities in our driveway.

Part of Keith's stash of fireworks. He loves to blow stuff up.

Take care,


Monday, July 11, 2011

Afternoon at the lake

During the week leading up to the 4th of July, the weather here was very HOT! Therefore, we did lots of water activities. The kids and I headed to the pool 3 days, we went as a family one night, we took a trip to the water park in Columbus and we spent one Sunday afternoon at the lake. Willow Lake is about 15 miles from our house and it is a man made lake.

The kids working on a sand creation. This occupied them for quite a while.

The kids love to play around with this inflatable boat. For a long time Keith floated around in it soaking up the sun and working on his tan. Ashlin and Erica are darker than he is.

Ashlin enjoying the lake. She would take her life vest on and off depending on what she was doing.

Justin running on the beach. He loves to swim in the water this summer. You will rarely find him outside without a pair of sunglasses on. He complains that the sun is too bright and that he can't see. He has been really responsible with his pair of sunglasses too.

Ashlin and Justin having fun in the water with Cara.

The weather forecast is for another hot week here. I foresee lots of pool time for us this week.

Take care,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

10th Annual Knox County Relay for Life

Friday evening we headed to Crofton for the 10th Annual Knox County Relay for Life. It is hard to believe that 10 years ago we were walking as a family in honor of Keith's sister Lorrie and now we walk as a family in memory of Lorrie. Keith's mom, Merina, and Keith's aunt, Sharlene, spend many hours throughout the year preparing for the next year's event and we appreciate their efforts. Our family's team is called "Wanna B Lifesavers". The Relay for Life is an effort to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. Cancer has touched the lives of so many people and we hope that someday a cure will be found for all types of cancer.

The opening lap is lead by the American Legion carrying the flags. Keith's uncle, Franny, carrying the American flag.

After the names are read of the cancer survivors present, the survivors lead the opening lap around the track to start the relay for the next 12 hours. People line the track and clap for all of the survivors. This photo is of Keith's aunt, Janice, and Randy's mother, Darlene, who are both cancer survivors.

Part of our team waiting to be announced and then walk a lap together for the lap of all of the teams. It turned out to be a pleasant evening for the walk this year.

Keith's uncle, Dan, was a contestant in the Mrs. Relay Contest. There were other gentlemen also dressed up raising extra funds for the event. They walked around and gathered more donations.

I purchased this sweet boy angel on a log during the auction that was held. I will find him a good spot to rest among some of my flowers. Keith's parents donated this lawn ornament for the auction. Next year, we will be in Creighton for the 11th annual walk.

Take care,