Monday, July 11, 2011

Afternoon at the lake

During the week leading up to the 4th of July, the weather here was very HOT! Therefore, we did lots of water activities. The kids and I headed to the pool 3 days, we went as a family one night, we took a trip to the water park in Columbus and we spent one Sunday afternoon at the lake. Willow Lake is about 15 miles from our house and it is a man made lake.

The kids working on a sand creation. This occupied them for quite a while.

The kids love to play around with this inflatable boat. For a long time Keith floated around in it soaking up the sun and working on his tan. Ashlin and Erica are darker than he is.

Ashlin enjoying the lake. She would take her life vest on and off depending on what she was doing.

Justin running on the beach. He loves to swim in the water this summer. You will rarely find him outside without a pair of sunglasses on. He complains that the sun is too bright and that he can't see. He has been really responsible with his pair of sunglasses too.

Ashlin and Justin having fun in the water with Cara.

The weather forecast is for another hot week here. I foresee lots of pool time for us this week.

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