Thursday, July 7, 2011

Parent's Day at Dance

Every year there is one day at dance practice that parents get to go in the room with our dancers and watch. The studio does not allow parents in the room every week because the little dancers lose their focus and they fail to pay attention to the instructor. This day is also our chance to take photos and to videotape the dances for recital. The students then can practice their dances at home to get them ready for recital.

Ashlin standing beside Faith, her dance instructor helper, getting ready to warm up.

The instructors, Jordan and Faith, warming up the girls for tap practice. All of the little girls love tap because of all of the noise that their shoes make on the wood floors.

Lined up and ready to walk on to perform their ballet recital song. Ashlin loves her songs for recital. She gets to dance to a Taylor Swift song for one number. Ashlin loves Taylor Swift.

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