Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Dance Recital-We Dance Full Out

The theme for this year's dance recital was "We Dance Full Out". The recital worked a little different this year in that we had rehearsal the day of the recital. In years past, this has been a three day affair, but due to the rental increase of the theater, it was all completed in two days. The recital was still 4 hours long, but we had a big break between dances with us only having two dancers this year.

Ashlin getting ready to go on stage.

Cara practicing at rehearsal. She forgot her jean jacket for rehearsal. Cara's danced to the songs "She's A Bad Mama Jama" and "Oh Sheila". She is thinking of trying hip hop dance next year.

Ashlin danced to the numbers "Today Was A Fairytale" and "Be My Baby". Since rehearsal was the day of recital, many of the girls came to rehearsal with rollers in their hair. Ashlin didn't want to wear her rollers, but I knew she had to or her hair would be flat for recital.

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