Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Madison County Fair - Part I

The 2011 Madison County Fair was last week Tuesday through Sunday. This was Cara's first year to be a 4-H exhibitor. A few weeks before the fair Cara had to enter all of her non-consumable items (everything except for baking and flowers). Then last week on Wednesday she entered the remaining items. She took 14 items to the fair in 4-H and she received 11 purple ribbons and 3 blue ribbons. That is just awesome for her first year as a 4-H exhibitor.

This photo is of her three sewing project items. She made a pincushion stuffed with coffee grounds, a drawstring laundry bag and a striped pillow. Cara received purple ribbons on all three items.

In her baking project, she took monkey muffins and chocolate chip cookies. She received purple ribbons on both entries. In flowers, she received blue ribbons on her cut annuals (verbena) and cut perennials (roses). On her terrarium she received a purple ribbon. Her water terrarium is also eligible to go to the State Fair. On her craft projects that she made on the project day last winter, she received 5 purples and 1 blue ribbon.

Justin looking at the chickens and the geese in the small animal building.

My sister and nephew were in Nebraska for a week and she enjoyed going to the fair. She took Erica and Ashlin one night to the rodeo and she took Cara to the "Little Big Town" Concert another night. We love to go to the fair and look around at all of the exhibits.

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