Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stategic Air & Space Museum

One afternoon while camping we headed next door to the Strategic Air & Space Museum. Keith really wanted to see this museum of the history of the airplanes used by the US.

Keith, Cara, Erica and Justin posing outside the museum.

The kids all played in a small kiddie area in the museum. Then I took each of their pictures with this astronaut cut-out.

The traveling exhibit right now at the museum was an exhibit of John Wayne. John Wayne never served in the US armed forces, but he played a military acting role in many films. This area may have been my favorite.

After walking through two hangers of numerous airplanes and space capsules, the kids and I had enough. Keith could have stayed much longer and read the signs about each aircraft, but the kids were bored.

The kids loved looking at the vehicles in the parking lot to see what state everyone was visiting from. They did the same thing at the campgrounds.

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