Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zac's College Graduation

As the marquee on the Orpheum Theatre proclaims, The 2011 Class of Briar Cliff graduated on Saturday, May 21st at 10 a.m. Keith, Cara, and I left Norfolk bright and early to attend Zac's college graduation. Keith attended Holly's college graduation and he wanted to be there to see Zac get his college diploma as well. The Orpheum Theatre is located in downtown Sioux City and the inside of the theatre is just beautiful.

The street in front of the theatre was blocked off for the reception afterwards. The college had a tent set up to serve refreshments after commencement.

We were sitting up in the balcony so this photo isn't the best. But, Zac is about halfway back standing between two ladies. It took us awhile to spot him since we were so far away, but we were in the building. The graduating class was addressed by both a traditional student and a non-traditional student. Both students gave good speeches and so did the president of the college.

After graduation, we all had to pose for photos with the graduate. Zac posing with his dad, Randy, and his brother, Eli.

Zac with his Grandma and Grandpa Kliment. Zac received his teaching degree in history. He has to student teach the fall semester and then he will be a certified teacher.

Keith and Cara posing with Zac.

After all the photos, drinking lemonade and eating a few cookies, Randy treated us all to lunch at the Texas Roadhouse. After lunch, we went shopping before heading home. A few weeks later, Zac had another party in his honor at his aunt and uncle's home.

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