Friday, July 8, 2011

Erica's First Communion

On April 3rd, Erica made her First Communion. This was her special day and she kept reminding us all weekend. She kept saying "it is all about me" and then would wave her hand in front of her face. We would tell her that "Yes" it was her day, but she still had to help us get ready for her big day.

This is almost all of Erica's 2nd grade class. She had 54 students in her class and the classes were taught by Mrs. Rosemary Johnson and Mrs. Nicole Pfeifer. The posing for the class photo seemed to take forever.

Erica with Father Dan Andrews. He has been the head parish priest for one year. The 1st Communion Mass was held in the afternoon. After Mass, we served a lunch of nachos, taverns, chips, salads, hotdogs, and cake. Erica got to pick the menu. All she really wanted to serve was nachos.

Erica posing with her teacher, Mrs. Rosemary Johnson. Erica also got to choose her dress, sandals and hair piece. She wanted her hair up in a curly bun for the day.

Erica posing with her family for a photo. We were very proud of Erica on making her First Communion. Cara participated by being a greeter at church for the event. Justin and Ashlin sat with Grandpa and Grandma Leader for Mass. Keith and I sat in our reserved seats with the other parents of Erica's class.

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  1. I'm so glad to see you're back! Erica looks beautiful. First Communion is such a big day!