Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Softball

Cara and Erica both played City Recreation Softball this summer. Cara played on the red team sponsored by the Norfolk Morning Kiwanis. Cara's age group plays coach pitched games.

This last Monday night Cara's team won the championship game 13-12. Unfortunately, we were gone on vacation and Cara missed the game. But, we heard that the game was exciting right down to the last out.

Erica's age group plays t-ball. Erica played on the green team which was sponsored by Insurance Associates. The t-ball teams do not keep score during the game. The program is pushing sportsmanship and learning fundamentals instead of winning and losing.

Both of the girls improved in fielding fundamentals and hitting skills as the season progressed. They learned to play many different positions because each inning you play a different position.

The girls played games twice a week. They played Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. I am glad their games were always back-to-back, but two hours at the ball field is still long to sit. We can hardly wait until next year when Ashlin can start playing and we will be at the fields for 3 hours each time.

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