Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day. The day that we are to be thankful for the brave men and women that protect this country. I don't know that much about the armed forces or war. To me, the armed forces protect this country and what we believe in. To me they stand together and represent and protect our freedom.

My father is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He was drafted and sent to Vietnam towards the beginning of the war. To this day, he does not talk about being in Vietnam or about the war. He comes from a family of 8 children with 7 of them being boys. Out of those 7 boys, 4 of them were sent to Vietnam to fight. God must have been looking out for them because they all came home safe.

So, today I say thank you to all veterans for the job that they have done protecting my freedom.

Thank you,


  1. Our country has so much to be thankful for! I also respect and admire everyone in the military!

    Hope you had a great Hump Day!