Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catholic Schools

Yesterday there was an article in our local newspaper titled, "Catholic schools stockpile trophies". Our children attend a catholic school so this article was interesting to my husband and me. The article talks about how a few weeks ago at the State Volleyball Championships how four of the six state champions crowned were catholic schools. Then it talks about how the State Football Championships are this weekend and there are five catholic school teams vying for a championship. The question is posed, "How do these catholic schools achieve this?". Is it the power of prayer, is the holy water, or what is it?

A priest from a neighboring community said he always hears the word "recruiting" when it comes to achievement in sports. This priest said that "recruiting" was part of his job. He has a job as a priest to recruit people to his church, to recruit people to the faith and Christianity and therefore to send their children to a catholic school. Keith and I both felt that this priest's comments were right on target.

Another school administrator at a catholic high school mentioned that he is not concerned with recruiting. He believes that most parents decide when their child is about 2 or 3 years old what school their child will attend. Keith and I agree with this because we decided when Cara was just a baby that she would attend a parochial school, not a public one.

Both of these gentlemen believe that Catholic schools are built around families. Students at Catholic schools do not get handed anything. They believe that these students are more accountable because their parents are paying for their education and these students work for everything, which crosses over into athletics. Sports are an extension of the family because it creates togetherness, unity, and cohesiveness.

In our community, we have two parochial high schools - a Catholic one and a Lutheran one. Both of these schools are achieving success in sports, but also other areas - drama, speech, academics, etc. My husband and I are proud to send our children to a Catholic school. We chose to make the financial commitment to send our children to a faith based school and will continue to do so.

I need to mention that our football team is playing for a State Championship this afternoon. Therefore at our household we say "GO KNIGHTS!!!".

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  1. You're so lucky they are still teaching religion in the schools over there. They don't do it anymore here so we are responsible to take care of it on our own. Caitlin has started her Faith First program this year and it's so much work on top of her homework!

  2. We are Catholic and have our kids in public schools, although, I very much like Catholic schools. Interesting debate on recruiting. People love to come down on Catholics! Sad, but true.

  3. Go Knights -- hope your team wins! We chose Catholic schools too and are thrilled with the education our children have received!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  4. I hope your team does well at state! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Hooray for Catholic schools! We soooo wanted to send our kids to a Catholic school, however, the Catholic school in our boundary is in the "getto" so Carson is stuck in public school!

    Go Knights!

    Did you draw names yet?!